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Anomaly Korea creators tease secret game, which you can preorder now

The last time we spoke with the guys from 11 Bit Studios (right before Anomaly Warzone Korea landed), they had plenty of plans for a huge desktop game they were working on (to be available for PC, Mac and Linux). And now, it appears they've announced the title ... sort of. They haven't actually...

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Daily iPhone App: Anomaly Korea polishes the award-winning Anomaly series even more

Anomaly Korea is, right out of the gate, one of the most impressive titles I've ever seen on iOS. Developer 11 bit Studios' Anomaly: Warzone Earth won an Apple Design Award for the way it looked and played, and as a rep from the studio told me recently, they decided to up the ante, adding even ...

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Anomaly Korea sequel and Marvel's mobile game get teasers

Here are two new trailers for your Sunday. First up, we have a teaser trailer from the upcoming Anomaly Korea, the sequel to the very popular Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The new game will have more of the old one, including new units, new powerups, and more. The trailer looks great -- I think that'...

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