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Tag: AppStoreApproval

App-discovery service AppGratis pulled from Apple Store

AppGratis is an app that gives users a way to discover exciting new apps and get free apps every day. According to its developers, the app has over 10 million users worldwide. Sadly, AppGratis was pulled from the App Store for -- according to AllThingsD -- violating not only Apple's iOS developer ...

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Shazam violates Developer Agreement, blames Jeff Rock

Jeff Rock happened to notice a push notification on his iPhone after installing Shazam. He checked it and it turned out to be an advertisement that had popped up. Since it didn't seem like expected behavior (push notification of an advert?), Jeff tweeted the Shazam folks to ask about it. Instead ...

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iPhone users may soon be putting on their Google Goggles

If iPhone owners are sometimes susceptible to a wee bit of Android envy, one reason might be Google Goggles. If you're not familiar with the Android app, Google Goggles uses pictures from your mobile phone to search the Web. Point your phone's camera at a Russian restaurant menu, and it is t...

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First look: free WunderMap weather app for iPad

I've always been a bit of a sucker for the Weather Underground "Who Is Hot?" and Wunder Radio iPhone apps, as well as their website, so I was anxiously awaiting word of when they'd announce something for the iPad. I didn't have to wait long, as the company has announced that their free WunderMap has...

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Apple creating "explicit" category for App Store

After all of the kerfuffle earlier this week about Apple shutting down racy apps in the App Store, it appears that the company might be creating a special place for all of that suggestive and sexy content. We received a tip and a screenshot (seen above) from a developer who pointed out the new "...

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Apple's New Year's resolution? Get apps through approval faster

One of the biggest gripes we heard from iPhone developers during 2009 was that it took forever for their apps to make it through the iTunes App Store approval process. Often apps would be disapproved for seemingly illogical reasons after a long wait in the approval queue, and TUAW heard from more th...

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Schiller defends App Store approval process

Well here we go. Up until now, we've heard a lot from developers about how much of a mess the App Store's approval process is, from people who've been rejected outright to people who've been forced to resubmit to people who've just given up completely. But we haven't heard much from Apple, and now P...

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Stupid and unjustified App Store rejection letter of the day

TUAW has covered the fine iPhone apps from Tapbots more than once. ConvertBot is a beautifully-designed and functional app to do a myriad of unit conversion calculations, while WeightBot is my personal favorite app for keeping track of my incredible ballooning body. Tapbots posted an entry on thei...

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App Store Lessons: App Emergencies

Bad things happen. Despite all your user testing, sometimes an iPhone app release hits the wild with unexpected results. I recently heard about one application upgrade that passed Apple review, but that crashed when run on handsets that had a previously installed version of the app. Another app expe...

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GV Mobile and Voice Central pulled from App Store

Update: The official Google app is apparently not going to be released either. Earlier today, iPhone developer Sean Kovacs posted on his blog that his Google Voice client, GV Mobile, is getting pulled from the App Store due to "duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc)." Kov...

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App Store Rejections: Apple rejects iKaraoke app, patent filed published for a karaoke player

As if the waters surrounding the App Store approval process weren't murky enough, one developer has just hit an unprecedented wall. Apple rejected his app, iKaraoke, citing that it duplicated functionality of the iPod application. Of course, the "duplicate functionality" reason is nothing new, but A...

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