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Apple alters in-app subscription terms, relaxes price controls

Apple has modified its subscription policy to remove the pricing requirement that forced content providers to sell in-app subscriptions at the same price it sells them outside the app. These older terms and conditions were supposed to go into effect on June 30, and caused a stir when they were fi...

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iFlow Reader calls it quits, abandons App Store

Back in February, Apple began enforcing App Store rules regarding requiring in-app purchases of e-books in addition having options outside the app. Sadly, today that has caused the people behind iFlowReader to shutter their business because "Apple is giving us the boot by making it financially im...

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Subscription squabbling in iOS apps rumbles ever onwards

There have been some very sharply worded defences of Apple's new subscription payments requirements written over the last 24 hours: John Gruber: What [Readability are] pissed about is that Apple has the stronger hand. Readability needs Apple to publish an app in the App Store. Apple doesn't need...

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TinyGrab declines to sell subscriptions through the App Store

Add another name to the list of developers who are choosing to opt-out of Apple's subscription restrictions lately. Rhapsody and Readability were the first two we posted about, although Readability didn't so much opt-out as get rejected and decide not to play the subscription game. Now, a service c...

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Android may save the day for Apple's iPad subscription policy in the EU

There may never be an official "thank you" note sent, but Apple may be secretly grateful for the explosion of Android tablets about to hit the market. Apple is under the watchful eye of both the United States and the European Union's regulatory bodies regarding its new subscription policy for the i...

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Apple rejects Readability due to subscription policy -- where will it end?

Readability simplifies websites for easier reading. It's a service which strips online articles of annoying jiggly-belly ads and other distractions, puts that content into a very readable format, and delivers it to you in Safari or on mobile browsers. Readability was so loved by someone at Apple th...

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FTC and DOJ monitoring Apple's new subscription policy

Both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are aware of the new policy Apple implemented for media companies with applications in the App Store. The new terms state "that if an app offers customers the ability to purchase books outside of the app, the same option is also available ...

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Elle, Nylon and Pop Sci gladly adopt Apple's subscription terms

Not every publisher's feathers were ruffled by the changes Apple made to its subscription policy earlier this week. While Rhapsody may have responded negatively to the changes, some publishers are accepting the new terms and adopting Apple's new subscription model. According to Advertising Age, thr...

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Are free digital content apps a free ride on Apple? How to move forward

Sony Reader. Amazon Kindle. Rhapsody. In the App Store, they all have (or would have, if Sony's app had been approved) one thing in common: they're represented by free apps that serve as profitable storefronts to their digital content. They all pay their $99/year entrance fee to the App Store, but ...

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Rhapsody won't sing Apple's subscription tune

Hit the fight bell, because here we go -- Harry McCracken reports that Rhapsody is the first company to pass on Apple's new subscription rules, saying in a statement that Apple's arrangement is "economically untenable." Typically, they say, a Rhapsody subscription only costs them a 2.5 percent cr...

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App Store guidelines updated for subscriptions, more tweaks

Apple's guidelines for developers who place their wares in the App Store have been updated, with a few key bullets. Changes to accommodate the new subscription models are there in section 11, along with a stern warning up front to developers who might game the review system or steal other devs' wor...

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Apple's subscription model is boon to consumers, bad for publishers

As we reported earlier, Apple announced the arrival of new subscription services for apps in the App Store today. According to the press release, subscriptions purchased from within the App Store will utilize the same billing system currently employed for app and in-app purchases. Publishers are fr...

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