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How Mavericks ruined Apple Mail for Gmail users

Sorry, Mail. My fledging relationship with you was just killed thanks to OS X Mavericks. TidBITS confirmed what I suspected the first time I launched Apple Mail after upgrading to Mavericks on Tuesday -- Gmail and Apple Mail are no longer friends. It was always a tenuous relationship to begin wit...

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New Apple patents for iPhone, wide trackpad, Final Cut Pro, and Apple Mail

Patently Apple's got a whole slew of new patent applications from Cupertino today. First up are the actual product designs of the original iPhone and the second-gen iPod shuffle. Apple's moved on from both of these designs to newer and better things, but they're putting the patents in anyway, just ...

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Where's the beep in Apple Mail?

Grazing the Web over the last few days, I came upon a MacFixit piece on trying to get around the Apple mail sound bug. If you're a Mail user, there's a good chance you have run into it. Incoming mail fails to sound a beep, so you finally get a look at mail and see dozens of emails have come in while...

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Not too late to send some free holiday cards from

Ah, the virtues of email. Quick, convenient and free -- but most email greetings don't really look all that spiffy. Jumsoft comes to the rescue with some free email templates you can easily customize and get to your friends in plenty of time for the holidays. Jumsoft makes all sorts of apps and a...

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Apple post server-related updates for Xsan and Mail Services

Apple yesterday posted a few new server-related updates for Xsan and Mac OS X Server. The first, Xsan 2.2.1, improves file system reliability and cvfsck repair utility. This update is available for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. There's also an updated version of the Xsan u...

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Read that email again. And again.

Something seems rotten, at least for some Mac users, with the Apple Mail program. Apple support boards are lighting up with reports of email messages being downloaded multiple times. This problem seems to be mostly with POP mail accounts, but even IMAP users are seeing it. There is another Apple sup...

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Tired of those winmail.dat files? Letter Opener 3 can help

If there's anything that drives Mac users into a frenzy, it's those winmail.dat files that can show up in Apple Mail when they receive email from colleagues or friends using Microsoft Outlook. Winmail.dat files can either files that are attached to the message, or they can contain information such a...

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MsgFiler 2.0.3: Improvements to an old favorite

Adam Tow's MsgFiler plug-in for has been a favorite of many Mac users since it was first released in 2006. In the succinct words of Mr. Tow: "MsgFiler is a plug-in for Apple Mail which quickly files emails into existing mailbox folders. MsgFiler's fast searching means you just have to type ...

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Mail Unread Menu 3.1

We've all been there: you have the Dock set to auto hide and you miss the notification telling you there's new mail. Well, don't miss that presidential e-mail again with Mail Unread Menu. This little app sits in your menu bar awaiting your e-mail. This menu bar application can replace right...

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Two new eBooks focus on Apple's

Take Control Books, the digital delivery brainchild of long-time Mac authors Adam and Tonya Engst, has announced the publication of two new ebooks in their Take Control series. Author Joe Kissell has written a 95-page tome titled Take Control of Apple Mail in Leopard that describes the 14 new featu...

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MailSteward archiving app for just $34.95 at MacZOT today only

After I realized that I needed to find a way to archive and search the healthy amount of email I deal with in Apple Mail these days, I finally decided on MailSteward. There are indeed a number of email archiving options available (and Hawk Wing's list is probably still as good as any), but MailSt...

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MiniMail: iTunes' mini window makes it to Mail

A while ago, Derek Powazek proposed an idea for a mini Mail window based on the functionality of iTunes' mini option; hit the best fit button - the green one - in iTunes to get an idea, or simply check out Derek's post for an actual screenshot mockup of the concept. Fortunately, John Gruber just ...

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TUAW Tip: Names for .Mac aliases sync to Apple Mail

One of my most significant gripes with .Mac has been in relation to a seemingly minor feature, but one that is (in my experience) fairly unique to Apple's struggling web service: email aliases. When I discovered .Mac a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with the ability to create alternati...

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iGTD 1.4.5: Again with the landslide of new features

It's official: I am developing my own version system to keep track of iGTD updates, because this 1.x.x thing is just not right. The way I see it, this new iGTD v1.4.5 should really be called v3.5, what with yet another batch of major new features being introduced. Included in this update is F-key...

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TUAW Tip: Address Book offers a lot of handy contact management

Address Book is one of Apple's apps that might seem too basic at first glance to many a user. While this under-appreciation could largely be due to its unassuming name, Address Book offers a surprising amount of useful features, especially in the contact management department. Of course, there are t...

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