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Apple's Zorlu Center store in Istanbul wins design and engineering accolades

When Apple works closely with both architect and engineer on flagship retail stores, the result can be magical. That's the case with the Apple Store Zorlu Center in Istanbul, Turkey, which won a pair of awards at The Institution of Structural Engineers (ISE) Structural Awards 2014. The store, des...

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Apple Stores hosting free coding workshops December 11 for Hour of Code

Apple has announced plans to participate in the second annual Hour of Code, a special event that seeks to inspire and educate students to enter the world of coding. To celebrate the event Apple will be providing free one-hour coding workshops in their retail stores introducing participants to the ...

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Apple turning lighted store logos red for World Aids Day 2014

As reported by Mashable, Apple today changed the color of the Apple logo at its flagship Sydney store from white to red as part of the company's World Aids Day campaign. Due to its timezone, the Sydney store is the first store to modify its logo with similar changes expected at stores in Japan, Eu...

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London's Borough market celebrated Apple Day with "The Real Apple Store" parody

London's Borough market marked both the annual Apple Day celebration and the market's 1,000th year anniversary with a parody of epic proportions. According to Core77, the market hired London-based TinMan and Teatime productions to design the "Real Apple Store," a market place that was styled like ...

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Apple gets ready for the holiday shopping season with new gift cards and uniforms

With the holiday buying season just around the corner, Apple is making a few minor changes to its retail stores to get ready. According to Kelly Hodgkins of MacRumors (and TUAW) the company will be introducing new holiday-colored shirts for employees at the stores for the season. The announcement...

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Want a Mac under the Christmas tree this year? Better order now

Online shoppers placing orders for the new Retina iMac on Apple's digital store are seeing notifications of "unexpected delays" as we make our way closer to the biggest gift-giving day of the year. MacNN is reporting that delays of up to two weeks are pushing orders originally slated for November ...

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Apple opening Lille store to attract French and Belgian customers

Apple is planning to expand its retail presence in France with a new store in the city of Lille. According to Macnn, the 15,000 square foot store is under construction with an expected grand opening sometime in November. A black construction barricade blocks the street level-view of the store, whi...

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Tim Cook says Apple plans to open 25 new retail stores in China within 2 years

Tim Cook was in China recently where the Apple CEO took a stroll through Foxconn to check out the iPhone manufacturing process up close and personal. And oh yes, there was that small matter of meeting with Chinese authorities over alleged state-sponsored iCloud attacks. In an interview conducte...

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Apple to cull Bose products from retail stores

A longtime staple of Apple retail stores, audio products from Bose are now set to be axed from Apple's shelves as early as next week, MacRumors reports. Apple hasn't yet -- and likely won't -- publicly weigh in on the decision to remove the popular brand from its brick-and-mortar chain, but the de...

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Edinburgh Apple Store finally opening after being announced in 2010

Good things come to those who wait. Fours years after being announced, Edinburgh, Scotland is getting an Apple store. The long delayed location will open on October 18, according to a banner posted outside of the store. MACNN is reporting the store's building was originally built in 1769 as th...

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Apple readies new, non-floating Apple Store in Venice, Italy

Apple is set to unveil a new, one-of-a-kind retail store in Venice, Italy that will be filled wall-to-wall with all manner of unknown goodies. The store, which cannot float and therefore will not be accessible via gondola, is located at the Nave de Vero mall, and is currently covered with an impen...

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Stupid kids try to bend iPhones at an Apple Store, post video proving how dumb they are

Have you ever heard the saying "The criminal mind always sets its own traps"? A pair of hilariously stupid kids decided to film themselves walking into an Apple Store for the sole purpose of breaking iPhones. After spending a good amount of time trying (and frequently failing) to get the devices t...

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The pre-history of Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Apple Store cube

When it comes to Apple's retail stores, probably the most iconic is the one in the plaza of the GM Building on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The store's signature architectural feature -- a 32-foot glass cube emblazoned with a glowing Apple logo -- is immediately recognizable . NY Magazine's Vick...

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Former NBA player Rex Chapman arrested after stealing over $14,000 in merchandise from an Apple store

AZfamily is reporting that former NBA star Rex Chapman was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday after stealing over $14,000 in Apple merchandise from an Apple retail store over the course of a few weeks. Chapman subsequently pawned the stolen goods for cold hard cash. Police began investigati...

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Tweets and pics from iPhone lines in US and Canada

We asked, you sent 'em. If you're in line tonight (or tomorrow morning) and can send us a picture of the line at your iPhone store on our Twitter account (@TUAW, hashtag #tuawiphone6), you may end up in this post! We'll keep updating as the night wears on... and so it begins... @thetech_guy: @T...

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