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Tag: Apple Support

Are Retina MacBooks displaying screen issues?

If a 56-page discussion thread on the Apple Support forums is any indication, there appears to be a problem with some MacBook Pros with Retina displays. The Retina displays with the issues show image retention and burn-in; others do not. TUAW reader Joe K. sent us a note about the issue, whic...

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Apple adds 'Answers from the community' to product web pages

Apple has added a new "Answers from the community" section to its product pages on the Apple Store. Something similar to this called "Questions and answers" has been around for awhile for accessories sold on the Apple site, but it's now been expanded to Apple's marquee Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod...

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Apple support profile lists purchase history, sign up for VoicePass and SMS

Apple quietly released My Support Profile, which offers a hardware purchase history and access to Apple's VoicePass, its trademark filed shortly before Christmas. Once I signed in, I set up my iPhone to use VoicePass and receive SMS messages (available only in the US) from Apple Support. VoicePass w...

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Rocky day for MobileMe email

After a day of intermittent issues for email on MobileMe, Apple has noted the issue on the MobileMe support page; the company says the problem is now resolved but "some MobileMe users could not send.... We apologize for any inconvenience. No kidding. We've had communications about this from our r...

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Apple: Please use the Firefox browser to sign up for WWDC 2010

Our good buddy Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop brought up this useful piece of information for those developers who are rushing to sign up for WWDC 2010: As per Apple's own recommendation, don't use Safari 4.0.4 or earlier; use Firefox or the latest version of Safari. According to Jim's post, he ...

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Can't upload pix to MobileMe? Apple has a fix for that

If you've been trying to upload a picture from your iPhone to a MobileMe gallery, and are getting the message "Unable to connect to MobileMe" message you're not alone. The problem appears to be related to a bug in user name recognition. Apple has published a KB article dealing with the issue. The pr...

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Loss of Wi-Fi connectivity plagues the iPhone 3G as well

Wi-Fi connectivity problems are not limited to the iPhone 3GS, not by a long shot. The iPhone 3G is widely reported to have connectivity problems that, according to the large number of people discussing it on the Apple Support Discussions, dwarf the reports regarding the 3GS. In over fourteen App...

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Is it cheaper to fake a battery repair than to buy new?

Notebook batteries aren't cheap these days, and our own Conrad Quilty-Harper from across the pond (of both TUAW and Engadget fame) blogged a little experiment to give his MacBook some new mobile legs. With a total of 11 parts replaced in six months (which is far more than required to put a machine t...

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Mac Cheat Sheet

Remember the first rule of computer security? Not writing down all the important stuff like passwords and account names in one place? Kind of fundamental, right? Well, it looks like Apple has just about had it with people being unable to remember basic information like passwords and account names wh...

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The Tao of iTunes credits

Apple has a support article up today discussing how and in which order your iTunes Store credits get redeemed. Here's the run-down in a nutshell: If you have a free song credit from, for example, a Coke or Pepsi promotion and you're buying a song, that credit gets used first. It doesn't matter what ...

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Apple "genius" speaks out

Popsyndicate has an article today detailing the "Confessions" of a Mac Genius, aka a guy who worked at an Apple Store doing tech support. The guy had quite a lot to say. Here are a few highlights: Make your support appointments in advance. "Get a clue. Make your Genius Bar appointment in advance...

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Apple soliciting feedback from Support Site visitors

I was trawling the Apple Support pages last night, when I noticed an orange box appear across the top of the page I was on, all Web 2.0 like. It was an invitation to participate in a short survey regarding my experience with Apple Support. Who am I turn down an opportunity to give Apple a piece of...

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Understanding the lights on the 2nd gen Shuffle

Got a new 2G shuffle? Do you know what those status lights indicate? Do you know the difference between the green-orange-orange pattern[1] and the green-orange-green-orange[2] one? What about a continuous blinking orange light[3] or red light[4]? Apple now has a nice little support article available...

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Apple warns: Holding the Volume Down button while docking iPod shuffle may cause iTunes to ignore it.

There was a interesting Apple Knowledge Base article recently posted and we thought we'd share it here as a public service. We're swell like that. Article #304693 Holding the Volume Down button while docking may prevent iPod shuffle (Second Generation) from being recognized by iTunes While connectin...

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Software Update: Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 Release 4

Available in a Software Update near you (if you're using Tiger) is Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 Release 4, which "improves reliability and addresses issues found in earlier releases of J2SE 5.0 for Mac OS X." This update also brings compatibility with Sun's Java 2 Platform Standard E...

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