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Mobile Payments may be a big part of the next iPhone

As we laid out earlier today, it seems that the stars are aligning in such a way as to make Apple's upcoming September event the company's biggest and most impactful event in years. In addition to new iPhones and swirling reports of a new type of wearable device, one rumor that's been picking up ...

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Report claims Apple unveiling new wearable device along with iPhones on 9/9

Mark your calendars, folks. September 9, 2014 is primed to be an exceedingly busy day. A few weeks ago, John Paczkowski of Re/Code reported that Apple plans to hold an iPhone-oriented special media event on September 9. As we previously pointed out, the date is exactly 364 days since the iPhone 5...

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Fortune interviews iPhone 5C 'leaker' Sonny Dickson

Speaking at the All Things D conference in May of 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook assuredly said that Apple was "going to double down on secrecy on products." The problem, however, is that Apple's supply chain is so vast that keeping new and exciting products under wraps ahead of a big reveal is extremely...

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Dissecting the top 5 Apple myths

One of my favorite podcasts is Stuff You Should Know [iTunes link]. Hosts Josh and Chuck (call him "Chuckers") are smart, funny and professional.* There's an article on the show's companion site this week that explores 5 myths about Apple. I encourage you to go and read it, but here are some highlig...

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Taiwan manufacturer gets order for Apple "iPhone" handset

Hon Hai, aka Foxconn Electronics, won't comment or confirm, but the cat seems to really be out of the bag now. This latest batch of iPhone reports feels like less of a rumor than previous iterations. According to this Forbes article, Hon Hai has "secured contracts from Apple Computer for 12 mln mobi...

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The latest gossip: eMac wants a nip/tuck

AppleInsider, one of our primary sources for that contraband we like to call "Apple rumors", is claiming to have the word on a new education Mac to replace the now defunct eMac. Apparently the all-new eMac will be based around G5 processors and.... wait. That article's from two years ago! We can onl...

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Time to pick apart another blurry image

Ok, folks, here we go again. Another blurry, nondescript photo of a supposed Apple product has made its way to the web (and what a coincidence, just a day after Apple announces a press event). This time, MacDailyNews is playing host. An anonymous tipster writes: "I was only able to snap one qui...

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