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Rare Apple I sold for $387,750 in online Christie's auction

Late last month, Christie's kicked off an auction for a rare Apple I computer with its original manual, schematics and a photo of the two Steves. The online-only auction ended today at a lower-than-expected US$387,750, according to a press release from Christie's. Pre-auction estimates suggested t...

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Rare Apple I to be auctioned off by Christie's

Once again, a rare Apple I will be up on the auction block. According to a report from the AP, a 1976 Apple I will be up for grabs at Christie's auction house where the bidding will begin at US$300,000. It's estimated that the iconic computer may end up going for $500,000 by the time bidding clo...

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Apple 1 sells for $671,400 at auction

A few weeks ago, we reported on an impending auction involving one of six known working Apple 1 computers. The New York Times is now reporting that the auction has officially closed with the winning bid checking in at an astounding $671,400. The winning bid set a new record for the Apple 1, eclips...

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Some comic relief from Apple's congressional appearance

Apple sent three top executives to Washington, D.C. yesterday to testify in front a congressional hearing on Apple's tax practices. Making the journey from Cupertino were CEO Tim Cook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and Phillip Bullock -- Apple's head of Tax Operations. The hearing went on for a few hours, ...

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Daily Update for May 3, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires ...

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Apple 1 fails to sell at auction

Christie's auctioned off an original Apple 1 motherboard this week and the piece of Apple history failed to garner enough bids to reach its reserve price. According to an ABC News report, the Apple 1 had a top bid of £32,000 (US$51,155), which is well below the £50,000 ($80,000) res...

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Rare Apple I to be sold at auction

Another piece of Apple history is headed to the auction block later this year. According to a report in Computer World, an original Apple I computer will be offered at a Christie's auction that will be held October 9 in London, England. The Apple I belonged to former Apple employee Joe Copson, ...

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Early Apple employee Daniel Kottke on the Apple I, more

Apple employee #12, Daniel Kottke, talked to Avi Solomon of Boing Boing about his time working at Apple. The interview has captivating stories about Kottke's life in the early 1970s tech scene. Besides a long discussion of the influence of psychedelics on technology, Kottke also talks about Woz...

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Vintage Apple I sells for $375,000

A rare piece of Apple history is no longer on the market. Last Friday, Auction house Sotheby's sold a working Apple I computer for US$374,500. The vintage computer sold for more than twice its estimated value after a bidding war broke out between two bidders, according to a CNN Money report. Th...

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Sotheby's to auction off working Apple-1

Earlier today, we mentioned that Sotheby's is selling a memo that Steve Jobs sent to Atari. While that hand-written note will be interesting to history buffs, another Sotheby's item will garner the attention of Apple hardware enthusiasts. According to Macworld, Sotheby's is also auctioning off ...

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These are a few of Woz's favorite things

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak enchanted members of a press tour late last week with the nine gadgets that proved most influential on his development as a computer guru. His picks range from an IBM programmable punch-card machine to the Honeywell Kitchen Computer (above) to an original version o...

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Apple I sells for $210K at Christie's auction in London

One of the first Apple computers ever made, the Apple I, has been sold at a Christie's auction in London on Tuesday. The Apple I, one of only 200 of its kind to have been made, was won by the Italian businessman and private collector Marco Boglione for $210,000. The Apple I was released in 1976 a...

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Found on eBay: An original Apple-1 with wonderful documentation

A few months ago, we provided details of an auction that featured a Mac that had been given to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry by Apple. If you missed your chance to pick up that prime item, now you have an opportunity to own an Apple that is even more rare: an Apple-1 (also known as the Apple I)...

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Resurrecting Apple I BASIC

This is a fascinating tidbit for the Apple history fans out there. Michael Steil has the story of how the original Apple I BASIC was recovered from an audio cassette which had been digitized into a MP3. Apple I BASIC was the first piece of commercial software sold for the first Apple computer. Only ...

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