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Apple preps 2010 school field trips

Apple, through the Apple II, served as the gateway to computing for me; my third grade classroom had two Apple IIs neatly tucked away in metallic lock cases. With them, I was exposed to word processing, printing and, most importantly, Carmen Sandiego. Education is deeply ingrained in the Apple etho...

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Apple Camp '08 schedule posted

Today Apple posted the schedule for Apple Camp. Apple Camp is held at Apple retail stores for kids 8-12 to go learn about creative things like: making presentations with Keynote, taking and managing photos with iPhoto, creating music with GarageBand, and making movies with iMovie. Each sessions las...

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Apple Camp schedule is now available

Apple's "Apple Camp" is a series of workshops at retail stores intended for younger kids - aged 8 to 12 years - and their families. The schedule for 2007 has been made available, and all sessions will take place in July. Topics to be covered include making a podcast, iWeb and iPhoto, working with di...

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A letter from Apple Camp

I wrote about Apple Camp, the program that Apple runs in its stores to teach kids the finer points of Macs, a few months ago. Now, I don't have any children so there is very little chance that I would end up at Apple Camp (and if I did it would be a little creepy), however, Peter Cohen of Macworld d...

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Apple Camp details posted

Summer is almost upon us, and you know what that means! Corn on the cob, lemonade, and Apple Camp for the kids! What's Apple Camp you ask? Why it is a free program that Apple runs in all of the Apple Stores that let's kids and their parents have some hands on fun with Macs. This year there is a podc...

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