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Apple Retail's alliance with OnForce: A bad deal for consultants, consumers?

Apple Retail is changing the way that non-warranty support calls currently handled by certified Apple consultants are assigned, and that's making some members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) unhappy. In the past, a consultant who had gone through Apple's rigorous certification process and pai...

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Some thoughts on using the iPad as an IT support tool

I make part of my living as an Apple consultant, so one of the first thoughts that went through my mind on Wednesday when I first saw the iPad was "would I be able to use that to help support my clients?" After a bit of thought yesterday while waiting for files to be loaded onto a new server I was ...

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Remote Mac support made even easier with Mac HelpMate 3.0

A little over a year ago, I was searching for a way to expand my reach as a Mac consultant. I had heard quite a bit from other Apple Consultants Network members about Mac HelpMate, but really didn't know much about it. After a free test drive, I ended up purchasing Mac HelpMate and its companion sof...

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Apple announces 2009 Advanced Professional Services Tech Camp

For developers, it's all about WWDC. For people who are members of the Apple Consultants Network or affiliated with an Apple Professional Service Provider, the Advanced Professional Services Tech Camp is the annual "don't miss" event. This year's Advanced Camp has just been announced, and it will be...

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