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Rig of the Week: Oh, the horror

This week's rig was chosen for one reason only: It made us shudder. We realize that the Cube wasn't exactly Apple's greatest success, but this is like using a Ferrari as a doorstop. At least we can take consolation in the fact that it's not at the dump. Poor little Cube. G4_peaceplant_2 by erlendeks...

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Here's what happens when a Cube devours a Mac mini

This is just so perfect I want to cry. Those that know me already know that I'm an Apple Cube fanatic. And if you didn't know - well now you do. My own Cube sports a a shiny black aluminum PowerCube enclosure (with obligatory white Apple logo affixed to the front), a Dual 1.7GHz 7447A CPU, 1.5GB R...

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Muslim community offended by Apple's Fifth Avenue NYC Cube?

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that the glass Cube Apple erected earlier this year on New York's tony Fifth Ave, dubbed Apple Mecca by many of the Mac faithful, is offensive to Muslims due to the Cube's resemblance to the Ka'bah (aka The House of Abraham). The report goes o...

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