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Tag: AppleHistory

The iPod first went on sale 12 years ago

Twelve years ago yesterday, on November 10, 2001, Apple began selling the first iPod to the world. The original iPod came with a 5 GB hard drive (minuscule by today's standards), a 160 x 128-pixel monochrome display, a FireWire connection and a mechanical scroll wheel. It was also the only iPod th...

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Tracking OS X's evolution to Mavericks

Remember Cheetah? Or Puma? Or Snow Leopard? If you are a Mac user, you likely have fond memories of these different versions of OS X. If you want to take a walk down memory lane, then you should check out iMore, which has an interesting piece on OS X and its evolution to Mavericks. iMore starts w...

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Apple ordered to pay 12 million euros for unpaid iPad copyright fees

Apple has been ordered to pay 12 million euros by a French court because of unpaid taxes on iPad copyrights between March 2012 to December 2012. The judgment is a continuation of the battle between Apple and the society of authors, composers and music publishers (SACEM) in France. SACEM is a Frenc...

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Class action against Apple and others in anti-poaching lawsuit given the green light

A class action lawsuit against Apple, Google and a number of other high-profile tech companies has been given the green light by US District Judge Lucy Koh. The lawsuit stems from anti-poaching agreements that Apple and a number of other tech companies entered into from 2005 through 2009. Parties t...

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Apple's Campus 2 will feature a 1,000-seat, all-glass keynote auditorium

Apple Gazette has found out something pretty cool about Apple's Campus 2. In addition to being the future flying saucer-like headquarters of Apple we're all familiar with by now, the campus will actually feature a second, independent building on the grounds entirely dedicated to media and staff ev...

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USPTO confirms 'Steve Jobs patent'

Last December, the US Patent and Trademark Office gave Apple a tentative rejection on 20 claims by Apple regarding the "Steve Jobs patent" after it was anonymously challenged by one of Apple's rivals. The patent covers a "touch screen device, method and graphical user interface for determining comma...

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Cupertino City Council unanimously approves Apple's new campus

Fret not, devotees: the mothership is coming home. Yes, in a vote that shocked no one, the Cupertino City Council unanimously approved Apple's Campus 2 -- otherwise known as the spaceship campus. The vote was held last night after the council opened up the floor to hear arguments for and against t...

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Woz, Kottke, Hertzfeld discuss the 'Jobs' movie

John Vink, who was an Apple engineer between 1996 and 2012, managed to grab three of the people portrayed in the 2013 movie Jobs for a long discussion about the movie and Steve Jobs. It's an episode of John Wants Answers with Daniel Kottke, Andy Hertzfeld and Steve Wozniak. Kottke was a friend of...

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley: Tim Cook doing a terrific job

Former Apple CEO John Sculley recently told CNBC Asia that he thinks Tim Cook is doing a fine job. "I think Cook is doing a terrific job. He's not trying to be Steve Jobs; only one person could be Steve Jobs and that was Steve," he said. Sculley was the CEO of Apple from 1983-1993 and Jobs' initial...

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Original iPhone team recalls its stressful development

The New York Times last week provided a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what it was like working on the original iPhone development team. Much of the article is sourced from Andy Grignon, a former Apple engineer who helped work on the wireless components for the iPhone. Needless to say, wor...

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Jean-Louis Gassée: Doomsayers will save Apple

Former Apple executive -- and the man who took over Steve Jobs' position of head of Macintosh development when Jobs was forced out of Apple -- Jean-Louis Gassée has written an enlightening op-ed for The Guardian today lamenting over all the "Apple is doomed" commentary from internet and tech ...

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Tim Cook emails Apple employees about anniversary of Jobs' death

Tomorrow, October 5, will be the second anniversary of Steve Jobs' passing. To mark the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a heartfelt email to the company's employees. It reads, in part: "I think of him often and find enormous strength in memories of his friendship, vision and leadership. He left be...

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Siri's voice, Susan Bennett

Atlanta's Susan Bennett has announced that hers is the original voice of Siri (though Apple won't confirm it). She has been doing voice work since the '70s and can be heard on GPS devices, automated phone systems and even the Delta airport terminals. But it was her gig as Siri's female voice that's ...

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Cupertino Planning Commission approves Apple's 'spaceship' campus

The countdown has started and the new Apple "spaceship" campus in Cupertino, Calif., is one step closer to launch. Last night, the Cupertino Planning Commission approved Apple's plans for the campus. Tuesday evening, the company provided a slick video presentation to the commission and the public ...

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Apple must pay $3 million in damages for iPod dispute in Japan

The fact that Apple is on the receiving end of more lawsuits than any other company in tech is hardly surprising. In contrast, the fact that patent disputes pertaining to the iPod are still being litigated is somewhat surprising. Kyodo News is reporting that Apple recently found itself on the losin...

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