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Confirmation of Apple rejecting an app for accessing UDID

Paul Haddad of Tapbots confirmed that Apple is rejecting apps which send out UDIDs. The developer posted a rejection notice for version 2.2 of its popular twitter client Tweetbot. The notice says that Tweetbot was rejected because the "app does not obtain user consent before collecting their pe...

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Apple files for old Apple Corps trademark

Apple Inc. (formerly known as Apple Computer) must be feeling pretty sure of itself after finally hammering out the Beatles deal for iTunes with Apple Corps. and its associated partners. The company that makes iPhones is now trying to re-secure the Apple logo trademark that Apple Corps. used fo...

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Phil Schiller's Twitter account gets verified

Apple's Phil Schiller has joined Scott Forstall (though not Steve Jobs) over on Twitter -- he now has a verified account to tweet from, and is following a few celebrity and official company accounts so far. The account's actually been around for a while (Schiller tweeted from France while there and...

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Apple most assuredly NOT slapping family with "gagging order" over iPod fire

Across the pond in the UK, in what may be a bit of a legal "lost in translation," an 11-year-old girl was using her iPod when, according to her, there was a hissing noise and an ominous pop. It rapidly heated, and then allegedly jumped 10 feet into the air. She was left with a melted mass of unplaya...

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Apple Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. finally settle trademark dispute, still no major iTunes release from Beatles

Apple Inc. and the Beatles' record label Apple Corps Ltd. have finally buried the hatchet and settled their very, very on-going dispute over 'Apple' related trademarks. After more than a decade of fighting over Apple's use of the name in selling music-related products, as well as music itself with t...

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An Apple by any other name

I am just a simple blogger. I don't have a PhD in anything (other than Awesomeness, but I got that online for 5 bucks) nor do I spend my days locked in an Ivory Tower pondering the socioeconomic implications of the Ruble. This is why when you went to get a broader prospective on what Apple's recent ...

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