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Apple's 'blasphemous' logo under fire in Russia

And now for your daily dose of overreaction. Extreme Orthodox Christians in Russia have upped their complaints about Apple's iconic logo, according to CNet. This specific group of Orthodox Christians say that Apple's logo represents a "blasphemous" attack on the church since it can be seen as...

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Apple now owns the trademark to The Beatles' Apple Corps Logo

Apple and The Beatles have had a contentious relationship for years. The Beatles Apple Corps company felt Apple's logo -- and the company's eventual foray into digital music -- infringed on their trademark Apple Corps logo. Then in 2007, Apple, Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. finally settled trademar...

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Barcelona Apple Store construction sign has unique Gaudi-esque logo (Updated)

While Apple's retail outlets housed in malls or shopping centers haven't needed much exterior tweaking, the freestanding stores generally get a more sophisticated architectural treatment to make sure they fit in with the other buildings nearby. This is particularly true of the stores in Europea...

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The story of Apple's upside down logo

It was perhaps one of the most baffling and frustrating design choices Apple ever made: the upside down Apple logo. For those of you who haven't been using Macs long enough to remember this, the "upside down Apple logo" refers to how PowerBooks and iBooks used to display the Apple logo "pointing" ...

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M.I.C Gadget's iHub 2 looks like Apple lawsuit bait

M.I.C Gadget, the same website that brought the world the Steve Jobs action figure that was quickly given a cease and desist notice, is back for more potential legal fun. This time, they've come up with a very cool 4-port USB 2.0 hub. It doesn't matter how many USB ports you have on your Mac ...

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TUAW iPhone Tips: Typing the Apple symbol, iOS 4 folders in the dock

As you go into this weekend looking for things to do, you might be thinking about how to organize your iOS 4.x iPhone and use the Apple symbol in the process. The first tip, courtesy of Macenstein, deals with labeling of apps and folders. Back in the iPhone OS 2.x days, you could use the Japanes...

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Found Footage: Swarovski crystal Apple rainbow logo iPhone case

Going down the Apple history path for the second time today, we thought those of you who might have a soft spot in your heart for the old "rainbow" Apple logo would love this piece of bling. It's an iPhone case (works with 3G / 3GS) that is covered with more than 1,000 Swarovski crystal bits f...

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Apple versus Woolworths: logo smackdown

UPDATE 2: Be sure to read Engadget's analysis of what appears to be a non-event here. Apple is apparently getting hot and bothered over Australian/New Zealand supermarket chain Woolworths' new logo. Woolworths insists the logo is merely a stylized "W," but Apple's copyright lawyers aren't buying ...

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TUAW Sunday snacks: Some tasty tidbits of random information

In between watching those Sunday NFL games, we're hoping that you're snacking on some TUAW goodness. For your munching pleasure I thought I'd cook up some of the interesting tidbits that have accumulated in our inbox this morning and present them to you for consumption. First, from TUAW reader Tom, ...

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Interview with Apple logo designer Rob Janoff

There's a great interview at CreativeBits today with Rob Janoff, designer of the Apple logo. That simple Apple with the chunk bitten out is as iconic as the company and products it represents. The logo has undergone several tweaks over the years, from the original rainbow to the aqua version that ac...

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Cool tool: Change your Mac's boot image with BootXChanger

Every once in a while, I get reminded about a cool tool that I've used and then totally forgotten about. In today's example, the reminder came in the form of a post on UNEASYsilence about how to change your Mac's boot image. The boot image, in case you're new to the Mac world, is that gray Apple log...

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Flickr Find: Planet Earth sends a get-well card to Steve Jobs

It's a miracle! You're an Apple fanboy, you're in Morocco, and you look up in the otherwise blue skies and see the wispy shape of an Apple logo appear for a moment before dissipating. And you're lucky enough to get a picture of it: Could it be that Planet Earth is sending Steve Jobs a get-well c...

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Blast from the Past: Original Apple logo

This one is for all you who miss the old rainbow Apple logo. What seems to be the original Apple logo (pre-incorporation in 1976) is making the rounds of the internets today. So apparently the Apple belongs to Newton. I have to say; it's a good thing they got rid of this one early. So which version ...

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Blast from the Past: The Story of the Apple Clover Symbol

Do you remember Andy Hertzfeld? He was the author of a huge part of the original Mac ROM and he discusses the creation of the Apple command logo in this writeup. Turns out that the logo was based on a Swedish symbol used to flag noteworthy attractions at campgrounds. Susan Kare, Apple's bitmap artis...

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Flickr Find: iBaby Designed by Apple in California?

We're not sure if kmcculler even lives in California, but there's no mistaking the birthmark on that baby. Yes, that child has the mark of the beast best. What do you think, folks, have the parents of this child Photoshopped him for fun or is this The Second Coming of Steve Jobs? Thanks, Barb!...

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