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Turning an old Apple mouse into a modern Bluetooth mouse

This Instructable is a pretty sweet project that some of you might want to take on this weekend: It'll teach you how to combine an 80s-era Apple mouse body with the innards of a modern Bluetooth wireless mouse, thus turning Apple's user interface innovation into a device usable with almost any ...

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Apple Mouse evolution

John Ward's 'The Evolution of the Apple Mouse,' has been around for awhile, but today was the first day that I had come across it. John gives us all a guided tour into the history of Apple's mouse with pictures of almost every variant of mouse that Apple has produced. What's your favorite mouse tha...

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OCD Spotlight: Flossing your Mighty Mouse

Recently, TUAW discussed how to clean your apple keyboard. Today, we focus on delinting your Mighty Mouse. Without taking it apart. Brendan Fenn, photographer and clean aficionado, has discovered a new way to clean the Mighty Mouse scroll ball that goes beyond the conventional dust free cloth and r...

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