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Do your planning with a Newton

I'm a huge fan of the Apple Newton, and I've written about it several times here at TUAW. I've also spent time playing with a hipster PDA and the D*I*Y templates. Today I noticed a bit of convergence as dougj at D*I*Y Planner has picked up a Newton 2100 of his own, and is loving it. I won't go int...

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Found footage: Wireless Newton web server cluster

This one's for the Newton fans out there. Presenting the Newton Wireless web server cluster! The first video is short on details, but the demo speaks for itself. Of course they had to use it to serve pr0n. Silly boys. It runs on four Newton 2100s using NPDS with custom scripts. For round 2, see ...

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Share internet between Mac and Newton via Bluetooth

Earlier today I was checking out the new messages in my NewtonTalk mailing list when I came across a very cool how-to penned by Panic's own Steven Frank. Specifically, he described the method he has used to get his Mac (running OS 10.4) to share its internet connection with his Newton message pad ov...

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