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Ryan Block on why an Apple phone is so anticipated

For the sake of not trampling trademarks, I guess we can no longer refer to the feverishly-anticipated Apple phone as an 'iPhone.' Nevertheless, no matter what you want to call it, Ryan Block has written an interesting analysis of why everyone wants an Applephone so badly. I think it's a great look ...

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iPhone revealed finally?

A number of you have sent in this tip which points to an article in the French newspaper, iGeneration. A rough translation of the French text follows (French speakers: Feel free to "clean up" our translation!): "This morning, anyone with the current edition of '20 minute day' [which appears to be a ...

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iPhone to launch in August?

Is anyone else as tired about iPhone rumors as I am? No? Ah, in that case check out this post over at Engadget. It seems that a photographer who is regularly hired by Apple to take marketing shots (though probably not so much anymore) told his friend that he just took some shots of the sexiest phon...

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