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"Iconic" coffee table book is a shrine to Apple

A recently self-published book captures most of Apple's products in one eye-catching place. This photography book is lean on text, but large on photographs of everything you've ever loved from the company that was forecast to fail. The aptly named, Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovati...

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FedEx delivery person robbed of Apple gear by co-workers

Somehow I think there's an easier way for a FedEx employee to steal electronic goods. Last week, a California FedEx driver was held at gunpoint by four masked men, forced to hand over his delivery truck's shipments. Among the items in the cargo area were boxes of Apple products, though it's not c...

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TUAW Poll: What Apple product are you going to buy with your tax refund?

Happy Tax Day! It's April 15th, and in America, that means that the air is filled with the sound of screaming taxpayers who waited until the last moment to file their returns. For those who may have filed early and might have even received a tax refund check, we offer this distraction to cover u...

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