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Mac sales growth continues to surge ahead of PCs 3 to 1

In a pattern that has become very familiar to watchers of the computer market in the last few years, sales of Macs have grown at three times the rate of computers powered by other operating systems. According to a report issued by IDC, Apple computer sales jumped 28.5 percent in the July-September 2...

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Report: Initial iPad demand greater than iPhone's

It's hard to forget the near mania that preceded the iPhone's US launch. New Yorkers began lining up to buy one four days in advance. David Pogue wrote a song about it. Things got out of hand. Now, according to RBC Capital Markets' Mike Abramsky, iPad demand is even higher. RBC recently conducted...

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Mac sales growth continues, according to IDC numbers

Apple is really defying gravity in this economic slump with impressive numbers. Market research firm IDC reports Apple sold about 5.6 million computers here in the U.S. in 2009, giving it an 8% market share. That's up just a bit from the previous year, when Apple had a 7.9% share, and it makes Apple...

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