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How iPhone launches affect the price of Apple stock

With Apple's iPhone event about a day away, we can expect new iPhones to hit store shelves in just a few weeks. While a few rumors have pointed to a September 20 launch date, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to know for certain. Either way, an iPhone launch is steadily approaching. That being th...

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Icahn reportedly invested over $1.5 billion in Apple, stake in company still less than 1%

While initial reports indicated that billionaire investor Carl Icahn invested US$1 billion in Apple stock, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Icahn may have put more than $1.5 billion into Apple. Recall that shares of Apple skyrocketed by over 20 points yesterday following word of Icahn'...

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ITC's ban of certain Samsung devices boosts Apple market cap

Propelled by a favorable ITC ruling last Friday, shares of Apple shot up by US$12.91 on Monday, finishing the trading day at $467.36. Indeed, shares of Apple on Monday closed at their second highest level since February of 2013. Though the success of the iPhone is routinely measured against Android...

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AAPL could hit $410 according to R.W. Baird analyst

If only this blogger had held onto that Apple stock that was bought for about $8 while dabbling in the market in the late-1990s. Instead the profits from selling it at $27 a share were put into such wise investments as Webvan. The only good thing about my dot com bubble investing period is that ...

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Let's talk AAPL and the future

It's been a roller coaster ride over the past two years for Apple (AAPL) stock. In December 2007 it hit a then-peak of $199.83 a share. Just two months later AAPL sunk to $125. Three months after that it had recovered to the $180s, but by November 2008, AAPL had plummeted to $82 a share. Since t...

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