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Why following Apple stock is not for the faint of heart

The unveiling of the iPhone 5s and 5c precipitated a nearly 51-point drop in shares of Apple, falling from US$505 to $454 in less than a week's time. The recent decline in Apple's share price serves as a prime example of why keeping a close eye on Apple's stock performance is often an exercise in c...

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How iPhone launches affect the price of Apple stock

With Apple's iPhone event about a day away, we can expect new iPhones to hit store shelves in just a few weeks. While a few rumors have pointed to a September 20 launch date, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to know for certain. Either way, an iPhone launch is steadily approaching. That being th...

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Icahn reportedly invested over $1.5 billion in Apple, stake in company still less than 1%

While initial reports indicated that billionaire investor Carl Icahn invested US$1 billion in Apple stock, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Icahn may have put more than $1.5 billion into Apple. Recall that shares of Apple skyrocketed by over 20 points yesterday following word of Icahn'...

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ITC's ban of certain Samsung devices boosts Apple market cap

Propelled by a favorable ITC ruling last Friday, shares of Apple shot up by US$12.91 on Monday, finishing the trading day at $467.36. Indeed, shares of Apple on Monday closed at their second highest level since February of 2013. Though the success of the iPhone is routinely measured against Android...

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Numerous Apple executives sell millions of dollars' worth of shares

Last Friday we reported on a new SEC filing from Apple which relayed that Apple's Board of Directors tweaked Tim Cook's compensation package by adding a performance metric to his stock options. In addition, there were a number of other SEC filings from Apple which disclosed that a number of top exe...

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Apple's $17 billion bond deal allows it to avoid $9.2 billion tax hit

Yesterday I reported on the clever economics behind Apple's US$17 billion bond deal, specifically pointing out that the interest Apple will owe on each share it repurchases will be less than the dividend it would have otherwise been responsible for. Going a bit further, Businessweek did some calcul...

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The clever economics behind Apple's $17 billion bond offering

Apple on Tuesday raised $17 billion via a bond offering as part of its recently announced capital program which aims to return $100 billion to shareholders by the end of 2015. Apple's capital return program is comprised of two components: an increased quarterly dividend of $3.05 a share and a $55 bi...

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Russia's richest man takes a $100 million interest in Apple

Over the past few weeks, shares of Apple have been trading at 52-week lows. Earlier this month, shares of Apple dipped below US$400 a share for the first time since 2011. Shockingly, Apple had a P/E ratio lower than Dell's for a few days last week. Over the past week, however, shares of Apple have ...

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Apple already taking steps to prepare for its upcoming debt sale

Apple last week announced that it would embark on a massive stock repurchasing plan whereby it will purchase US$60 billion worth of its own shares by the end of 2015. In a press release on the matter, Apple called it the "largest single share repurchase authorization in history." What's more, the c...

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Apple increases dividend by 15%, poised to embark on large stock-repurchasing plan

In conjunction with its earnings report for Q2 2013, Apple issued a press release announcing some major plans for its ever-growing stockpile of cash. In March 2012, Apple announced that the company would be instituting a $2.65/share dividend on a quarterly basis with Apple's first dividend payme...

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AAPL drops below $400 briefly; Cirrus Logic inventory numbers blamed

Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock fell to its lowest price since December 2011 today following a report from Cirrus Logic, a producer of chips used in the iPhone and iPad, that it was dealing with an inventory surplus. Cirrus Logic said one of its customers is moving to a newer component causing the slow...

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Trader pleads guilty to making unauthorized purchase of nearly $1 billion in Apple shares

The FBI reports that a trader who last year made an unauthorized purchase of nearly US$1 billion worth of Apple stock has pled guilty to wire fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy. On October 25, 2012 -- the same day Apple posted its Q3 2012 earnings -- David Miller of Rochdale Securities made ...

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AAPL takes a hit despite iPhone 4S news (Updated)

Apple's share price has dropped dramatically after today's announcement of the iPhone 4S. At 3:07 PM EDT, AAPL was down over $16 per share to $358.51, although it could recover before today's market close. While this doesn't look good for Wall Street's enthusiasm for the new device, the stock...

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AAPL could hit $410 according to R.W. Baird analyst

If only this blogger had held onto that Apple stock that was bought for about $8 while dabbling in the market in the late-1990s. Instead the profits from selling it at $27 a share were put into such wise investments as Webvan. The only good thing about my dot com bubble investing period is that ...

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It's a Merry Christmas for AAPL shareholders, stock at all-time high

On December 14th, I posted an opinion piece sharing my thoughts that AAPL stock would hit $300 a share in a year (for which I received quite a lot of critical feedback). Two days later, on December 16th, Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty issued a report stating she believes there is a 25% chance that AA...

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