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The US online Apple Store is down, and back up

Yes, yes. We know! The store is DOWN! Thank you everyone who sent in a tip to let us know. And now it's once again time to play our favorite waiting game: Guess What's Gonna Be New In The Store Before It Comes Back Up. You know where the comments are. Let's play! Update: Back up, now with...

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Apple store back up; Final Cut Pro 7, Logic Pro 9 released

It's always an exciting day when the Apple Store goes down. And it's not even a Tuesday. Apple has updated Final Cut Studio, including Final Cut Pro 7 and Logic Pro 9. That's good news for artists! Musicians and filmmakers now have something new to play with. Even better, they can do it for less: th...

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Pingdom brings Apple Store downtime hysteria to your website

Every time the Apple Store has some downtime, magic seems to happen, especially if it happens to be a Tuesday. Not surprisingly, we get a flood of emails from excited readers a few minutes after the yellow sticky note goes up, letting us know that we better be on our toes when the store comes back u...

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The Apple Store is down: regular Tuesday morning freak-out ritual.

The North American Apple stores are down. Last week it was Aperture 2 and Apple TV software updates. This week? Post your guesses/odds in the comments. Or tell us to get lives and stop checking the store every five minutes (point taken). Let's think, is there any hardware refresh that is greatly a...

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Apple Store down

In a shocking turn of events, Apple has taken down the Apple Store in advance of today's media event. I wonder what Apple's web elves are busily updating... only time will tell. Thanks to everyone for sending this in. ...

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The Apple Store is down... must be Tuesday.

Or is Dawn in trouble? I forget. Anyway, as noted by our loyal readers, the Apple Store site is down this morning (US only at the moment -- the UK store appears to still be up), sporting the Post-it note that strikes glee into the hearts of gear groupies far and wide. Is it new iMacs? A bagful of iP...

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The Apple Store is down

Ah, the delicate dance that is the few hours before a Stevenote. Apple's web elves are not only busy updating the iTunes Store, it would seem that are updating Apple's online store as well (and not just in the US, we have reports that the Apple store in several countries). This just builds the exci...

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Apple Stores round the world are down

Ahh, the online Apple Store is down. Can you feel the excitement. I wonder what Apple's web elves are cooking up for us. Could it have something to do with the WWDC keynote? Thanks to everyone who sent this in....

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Apple store down

The Apple Store (US at least, all around the world) is down at the moment. Could this mean some cool new product, or just some maintenance? It is probably just Apple's web elves fixing something, but where's the fun in that? Thanks to all who sent this in! UPDATE: The Store is back up and it looks...

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