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iPad minis sell out at 5th Ave Apple Store, moderate lines elsewhere

Unfazed by the still-lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy, near-record crowds descended upon the flagship Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan today, snapping up all of the white iPad minis on hand by 11:15 AM EDT and the last of the black models by 12:10 PM. Topeka Capital Markets analyst B...

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$900 gets developer first spot in NYC iPad 2 line, lots of publicity

$900 can buy a lot. With taxes added on, it can buy you a pretty nice iPad 2 -- provided you can find one. For iOS developer Hazem Sayed (pictured at right), $900 bought him the first place in the iPad 2 line at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan and the perfect venue to tout his free AskLoca...

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Found Footage: "I fell in love at the Apple Store"

Here's an earworm for you; hip-hop group FattySpins recorded a love song to ladies and to all things Apple, and filmed the video (above) at the landmark Apple Store Fifth Avenue. The song manages to not only encompass a lot of Apple products in its lyrics, but also manages to poke some good fun at...

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