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Sony is bringing TV streaming to iPad with PlayStation Vue

The TV streaming wars are about to find their way to the iPad thanks to Sony. The company announced today its first true push into the television streaming realm with PlayStation Vue, a service that will bring streaming content to PlayStation devices as well as the iPad, and it's a shot fired dire...

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Talkcast tonight 7pm PT/10pm ET: Extended weekend edition!

New dial-in experience! Set up Fuze Meeting before the show if you want to join in live. As the official weekend comes to a close (if you're a student or a mail carrier you get one more day), it's time once again to gather round the wireless for the TUAW talkcast! This week we'll be chatting with s...

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Apple TV adds PBS and Yahoo

Apple TV's continuing expansion rolled on today with the addition of PBS and Yahoo's Screen channel. The streaming box has been steadily adding channels from the likes of Disney and ESPN over the last year. PBS fans eager to watch the channel on Apple TV will first need to sign in using their Fac...

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Target previews Black Friday promotion with great deals on iPads and iPhones

Target on Monday posted to its website a preview of the Black Friday promotions it'll be running from November 28 through November 30. If you scroll through to page five, you'll see a number of really incredible deals on a range of Apple products. Here's what holiday shoppers will have to look f...

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Apple updates Remote app for iOS 7

Apple has released Remote 4.0 for iOS. As could be expected, the latest version of Apple's Remote app that lets users control iTunes and Apple TVs from their iOS devices has received a new icon and iOS 7-style makeover. So far, it appears Apple hasn't introduced any new features to the app. From i...

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iMovie Theater channel added to the Apple TV

If you turn on your Apple TV you may notice a new channel called iMovie Theater. Apple quietly added the channel tonight. The channel itself is an extension of a feature in the new iMovie app for iOS and OS X that allows users to share clips, movies, and trailers to iMovie Theater and watch them ...

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Netflix 5.0 for iOS adds AirPlay streaming and HD video for iOS 7

Netflix has released version 5.0 of its iOS app that adds some much-requested features... if you have iOS 7. The first feature is HD video. Customers can now watch HD video just like Android users have been doing for months. But the biggest new feature is AirPlay streaming. Now users don't have to ...

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Apple TV gets NHL, Vevo in Germany

We've got good news for expat hockey players and music fans in Germany. According to Macerkopf, Apple TV has been updated for the German market with the additions of Vevo and the NHL channel. Vevo has been making inroads with Apple TV for several months; the service came to North America and seve...

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Third-gen Apple TV Netflix users get 'Super HD' option for movies

Netflix has announced that it is rolling out "Super HD" videos to all compatible devices, including the third-generation Apple TV. The Super HD higher bit rate stream applies less compression to the 1080p image, so the image looks crisper and sharper than a typical 1080p image. In a blog post anno...

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Apple TV adds Major League Soccer, Disney Junior

Apple TV may still just be a hobby for Apple, but the company sure has been devoting a lot of time in recent months shoring up the channel selection on its nimble little black box. Earlier today, Apple issued an over-the-air update for the Apple TV which adds two new channel selections for users;...

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Sony takes aim at Apple TV with PS Vita TV, a budget-priced streaming, gaming station

Today, Sony announced the PS Vita TV, a small set-top, budget-priced multimedia streaming station that directly competes with Apple TV. The basic US$95 set gives users the basic streaming utilities they've come to expect from devices like Apple TV and Roku, including Hulu and movie rentals. However...

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ESPN adds two new channels to iOS, Apple TV apps

Today ESPN has announced that it has added two new channels to its iOS and Apple TV apps. The new channels are ESPN Deportes and ESPNEWS on WatchESPN. ESPN Deportes is the company's 24-hour Spanish channel offering content to US Latino sports fans. ESPNEWS is dedicated to sports news. In the press ...

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Yesterday's Apple TV update blocks PlexConnect client

Apple pushed out a pretty nice Apple TV update yesterday that added five new channels to the set-top box. However, the update also prevents the PlexConnect streaming-media client from running on the Apple TV. Released in June, PlexConnect allowed Apple TV users to view stored movies on remote serv...

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Apple TV gets Vevo, Weather Channel, Disney and Smithsonian channels

Apple has added a number of new channels to the Apple TV today, as first noted by MacRumors. The news channels include Vevo, The Weather Channel, Disney, Disney XD and the Smithsonian Channel. Though the Vevo channel has been rumored for some time, the other channels were unexpected. Vevo has issu...

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Report: Roku a more popular streaming device than Apple TV

The research firm of Parks Associates recently surveyed 10,000 US households with broadband connections and found that of all the households that use streaming set-top boxes, 37 percent use Roku devices, while only 24 percent use Apple TV. The survey was conducted during the first three months of ...

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