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Touchtype Case is the happy marriage of iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard

I spend most of my day typing on an Apple Wireless Keyboard. I love the feel of the keys, the long battery life and the compact form factor. That's why I do all of my blogging and most of my other writing on my iMac -- I love this keyboard. And that, among some other reasons, is why I don't kee...

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Henge Docks Clique: A new way to merge your Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

Many Mac users use a combination of an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad for their typing and pointing pleasure. Twelve South came up with a lovely way to merge the two devices into a single unit with the MagicWand (US$29.99). Now Henge Docks has developed a less expensive and more f...

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MacDec provides another way to combine keyboard and Magic Trackpad

There's a growing number of devices that allow Mac users to combine their keyboards and Magic Trackpads into a single unit. Steve Sande took a look at TwelveSouth's MagicWand not long ago. But if you have the money to spare and want something really sleek -- and expensive -- thodio will sell yo...

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TwelveSouth MagicWand: Bring your keyboard and Magic Trackpad together as one

At Macworld Expo 2011, one of my personal highlights of the show was talking with Andrew Green, the CEO of Apple accessory design house TwelveSouth. It's always a pleasure to see what new toys the company is coming out with, so when Andrew reached into a bag and pulled out a MagicWand, I naturally ...

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Widget Watch: MightyMonitor

MightyMonitor is a cool little widget for users of the wireless Mighty Mouse or Apple Wireless Keyboard. It gives you a fuel gauge for the batteries in the aforementioned peripherals. I assume it is just reporting the same battery level information you can get in the Bluetooth tab of the Keyboard &a...

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