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Tag: Arduino

RC car modded with Arduino, controlled by iPad

This is great -- developer Wannes Vermeulen has hacked a toy remote control car with an Arduino board and hooked it up to an iPad to drive it around. You can see video of the project in action over on Vimeo right now. It's not anything too special these days, as you can buy lots of RC vehicles ...

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DIY auto remote uses iPhone and Arduino to start a car

Here's a project for Arduino fans with an old iPhone sitting in their junk drawer. Following these instructions from Will O'Brien, you can craft a remote start system that's triggered by SMS. The setup requires an Avatal 3117 remote start, an iPhone breakout board, an Arduino, a switching suppl...

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Control Siri with your mind and lots of hardware

What's better than controlling your iPhone 4S with Siri? How about just thinking about something and having it happen? That's what a group of hackers have accomplished with Project Black Mirror. They've connected an iPhone 4S up to a setup that uses a MacBook Pro and an Arduino open-source mi...

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Siri can pour you a beer, perfect for Friday Afternoon Club

I think I may have to make Siri my mistress, since she (well, it does have a female voice in the U.S.) can now pour a beer at my command. That's more than my wife of 32 years will do for me! The folks at redpepper, an ad agency in Nashville, Tennessee, had a little time on their hands, so they ri...

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Creepy profit-tracking Wario controlled by Mac

Tiburciod likes to keep track of sales of his game so he wrote a script that checks every minute for a new transaction. Instead of a simple alert, he and his daughter Helena grabbed a Wario character, a bike bell, a few spare LEDs and a smoke maker from a model train. He assembled them all toge...

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Cord from iPhone to Arduino now available

Make has put together an enticing kit for those interested in doing a little Arduino programming alongside the iPhone. The Redpark Breakout Pack is basically a serial cable with a connector on it that will go from an iPhone to an Arduino and let you send signals back and forth, even without jai...

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RoboTouch brings NES controller to iPad

Mix a handful of micro servos, an old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller, a pinch of open-source Arduino magic, an iPad running Reckless Racing, a few pounds of ingenuity and elbow grease, and what do you get? Most of us would probably end up with an iPad and a small yard sale. But avi...

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iPhone receives push notifications from real-world mailbox

Sure, push notification is nothing new for iPhone users. But when was the last time that you received notification that real-live mail -- the kind made of atoms, not bits -- has shown up in your mailbox? One of the new evil geniuses at Make Magazine online, Matt Richardson, decided he'd like to get...

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Mechanized joystick built to control iPhone tilt sensor, rack up high score

What do you do when you just can't get that high score you're looking for in Tilt to Live? You build a computer that's better at playing the game than you are. For Shane Wighton, that turned out to be a mechanized joystick for tilt-controlled iPhone games. When Shane couldn't achieve the score wa...

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iPad-equipped kegerator knows how much you've had to drink

Those wily engineers at Yelp have combined a scary amount of the things I love into one device. They've taken a keg and tap, an Arduino, an RFID reader, and an iPad and turned them into an amazing kegerator. The device not only tracks who's been drinking but also tracks information about the beer...

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iPad arcade cabinet built out of cardboard

ThinkGeek posted an iPad arcade cabinet as an April Fool's joke this past year, but gamer Hideyoshi Moriya actually did build just such a cabinet out of cardboard and hardware -- you plug the iPad into a dock, and then you can control software with the joystick and buttons via an Arduino board. You...

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Hack: The iPod serial library enables homebrew remote controls

Warning: If you are baffled by people who think dismantling technology is fun, and completely fail to understand the excitement of building robots to battle other robots, this post may not be for you. Just so you know. On the Make: magazine blog, they recently posted a piece about the evolution o...

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Found Footage: The iPhone-controlled, solar-powered Arduino tank

Are you the type of person who likes to handcraft your Christmas gifts? This year, perhaps you can make someone's Christmas Day just a little bit brighter and happier when they unwrap their very own iPhone-controlled, solar-powered Arduino tank. As you can view in the video above, the tank is p...

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DIY on how to make your plants Twitter

Engadget hit on this one, and it's technically possible to do it with a Windows PC, but considering that Mac users are greener than most folks, and lovers of both plants and cool tech DIY, we're posting it anyway. Botanicalls, which is a project to help your plants make phone calls, has posted a h...

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