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Susan Kare selling replicas of the Mac team's "pirate flag"

If the interior components of the original Macintosh were the heart of the device, then many of the graphic elements designed by Susan Kare were its soul. Kare designed fonts for the Mac, created many of the icons that graced the Mac for many years, and is even responsible for the Command Key sym...

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Mac 101: How to add custom artwork to your iTunes songs and movies

A significant chunk of my iTunes library is comprised of CD rips and a few independent recordings from musician friends. As a result, a fair number of tracks lack the excellent artwork that graces iTunes. If you are in a similar situation, you can quickly add artwork to individual tracks or even s...

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Mothership releases Prepo 2, helps devs create app icons and retina artwork

One of the challenges facing developers isn't always writing clean code. A small development team also has to contend with images and icons, which are often the first things a user sees when he stumbles upon your app and takes it on its maiden run. One app that promises to make artwork and ic...

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Adding artwork to multiple songs in iTunes 10

iTunes 10 has a cool new feature that allows you to create a Smart Playlist based on whether or not your music has artwork. To use it, simply set "Has Artwork" to "is false" when creating the playlist. You can (optionally) add "Media Kind: is Music" if you want to avoid seeing podcasts, movies, and...

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Aqua: Digital paintings made up of OS X elements

Here's more proof that beauty can often lie hidden, even though it's right before your eyes. Digital artist Johannes P Osterhoff found an artistic quality to Apple's Aqua user interface and decided to base a series of digital "paintings" using several of its elements. With a few simple and subtle...

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iPodMeister gives you an iPad for your old CDs

Want to get a new iPad but a little short on cash? Trade in a bunch of your old CDs or DVDs to a company called iPodMeister and your problems are solved. Sound too good to be true? It's not, reports the New York Times. iPodMeister was founded by a group of musicians and students who realized that t...

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Menuet and Art Collector released as careware

Ollie Wagner sends word that he has release both of his Spencere apps, Menuet and Art Collector, as careware. Over on his site, you can get both of the apps for free, as long as you promise to donate to the charity of your choice (he's listed eight good choices if you don't have a preference). We've...

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TUAW Tip: Re-embed iTunes artwork in media files

One of the backend changes that came with the release of iTunes 7 is how the app stores album artwork. The days of embedding album artwork in music files are gone, due in part (I assume) to the purchase and integration of CoverFlow, a flashy new way to browse your albums. Artwork is now stored in ...

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iTunes Artwork with Curator

Kavasoft has released version 1.0 of Curator, an iTunes Artwork management utility. Curator allows you to search for missing artwork and download any MIA items from Amazon. It also has a few spiffy features like creating Finder icons for your music and helping you perform custom searches for hard-t...

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CoverSutra - a customizable iTunes controller with style

These days, there is absolutely no shortage of apps that let you control iTunes in one way or another. You can use your PSP, tiny menubar controllers, countless iTunes widgets and now - CoverSutra. Featuring a stylish bezel with loads of control feedback and album art display, CoverSutra aims to g...

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