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Tag: Asia

Big Nerd Ranch Clash of the Coders: Projects

As the teams battle away on the Clash of the Coders, ideas are quickly becoming reality as developers are hard at work on their projects. Some projects are, admittedly, utilitarian. Now is a great opportunity for devs to create in-house tools for use during the rest of the year. In a shop that ca...

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Apple's Chinese New Year sale begins Jan 25

Apple has announced its annual "Red Friday" Chinese New Year sale. The sale will take place this Friday, January 25th from 12:01AM to 11:59PM SGT. The sale is valid at Apple's online store in Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. The Asian market -- and Chin...

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iPhone 5 launches in Africa, Caribbean and Southeast Asia

Apple CEO Tim Cook promised during the last earnings conference call that the iPhone 5 would be available in 100 countries worldwide by the end of year and the recent December 21 launch of the phone in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Caribbean helped the company reach that milestone. According...

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Apple halves number of licensed distributors in China

The opening of two new Apple Stores, one in Shenzhen this last weekend and the Wangfujing store in Beijing in late October, is a sure sign of Apple's strengthening control of its distribution channels in China. Now Patently Apple is reporting that the company has reduced the number of licensed ...

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Macworld | iWorld Asia event begins in Beijing

The second annual Macworld | iWorld Asia event has begun in Beijing this week. IDG has hosted the conference twice now to serve the growing number of Mac, iPhone, and iPad users in China. It sounds a lot like San Francisco's version of Macworld | iWorld, with dev conferences, a big keynote even...

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Apple becomes Asia's second most popular brand

A company called Campaign Asia-Pacific has released the results of its latest survey, examining the popularity of various brands in Asia. Apple has reached number two on the list. The company from Cupertino has topped big names like Sony and Panasonic, and jumped up along with Nestle (which is ...

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Chinese customers investing in Apple's suppliers

It's a gold rush in China as investors line up to cash in on Apple's success by buying up shares in Apple's Asian suppliers, says a report in Reuters. Chinese law prevents investors from buying Apple directly, so many are turning to firms Apple mentioned on its recent supplier list. Even compan...

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The rumors have begun: next iPhone to get a bigger screen?

Now that the iPad's been announced and launched, it's time for the rumor mill to start churning out gossip on the next generation iPhone. The latest report comes from a Maeil Business Newspaper via Reuters and claims the next iPhone will sport a 4.6-inch display. An unnamed industry source prov...

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Apple's 'Red Friday' sales launch in several Asian countries

A one-day "Red Friday" sale on Apple's online store has hit several Asian countries in celebration of the Lunar New Year, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Discounts on the Hong Kong store are broadly similar to the modest discounts Apple offere...

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Tablet component suppliers concerned over iPad's dominance

Tablet component suppliers in Asia are concerned about the lack of competition in the tablet market. The iPad is the dominant player and is driving the growth in the industry. This is great now that the iPad is growing 166% year over year, but it doesn't bode well for the future when iPad sales...

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Apple reportedly cuts orders for iPad parts

Apple supposedly cut its fourth quarter orders for iPad components by 25%, according to a report from Bloomberg. This adjustment may have a financial effect on suppliers and manufacturers like Foxconn, but may not hurt Apple. Some analysts, like Mark Moskowitz of JPMorgan, are not adjusting the...

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Lenovo: Apple won't dominate tablets forever

Apple is experiencing explosive growth in China, overtaking computer manufacturer Lenovo in its home country. Lenovo, though, is not threatened by Apple's success and notes that the companies are competing in two different markets. CEO Yang Yuanquing said, "Their (Apple) calculation includes th...

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Wall Street Journal suggests higher-resolution iPad next year

Apple is prepping its Asian suppliers to begin production of the next generation iPad in October, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Cupertino company has placed orders for about 1.5 million iPad 3 tablets. Apple is targeting a launch in early 2012 which fits in perfectly with the compan...

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Apple surpasses Lenovo in China sales

Not only are Mac sales going gangbusters in Asia, but the units moving over there have kicked Apple up a notch: The company has overtaken Lenovo for sales in the region. In terms of revenue, PC maker Lenovo (which has been growing rapidly in China and the surrounding region), pulls in about $2....

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Mac sales are booming in Asia

In past earnings conference calls, Apple has emphasized the important role of Asia in its future growth. And it's not just iPhones that are flying off the shelves. Mac shipments are also booming in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Needham analyst Charlie Wolf, Mac shipments rose 67.6% in t...

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