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What does the AT&T deal for T-Mobile USA mean for Apple?

AT&T confirmed on Sunday that it plans to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobile USA will operate as a separate brand until the deal is approved. If approved, this deal would bump AT&T up to 130 million subscribers and make it the nation's largest wireless operator. Though i...

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Lawsuit claims AT&T "systematically" overcharges iPhone, iPad owners

A lawsuit filed in California federal court claims AT&T "systematically" overcharged iPhone and iPad owners by inflating the amount of data downloaded by each customer and tacking on "phantom traffic" to the month-long tally. The lawsuit was filed by Patrick Hendricks who asserts AT&T charge...

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AT&T trains retail staff on non-iPhone smartphones

When the iPhone burst upon the world three and a half years ago, the smartphone landscape was very different from the one we see today. Palm Treos, Blackberries and Windows Mobile were the dominant players; they were mainly selected by geeks and people that needed them for business. In the inter...

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iPhone OS 2.1 on 3G had signal problems too

Once upon a time, iPhones had an OS update known as version 2.1, and there was much rejoicing. Actually, there was a little bit of the rejoicing and a bit more of the griping. What was the griping about? Well, some of you kiddies might not remember this, since it was so two years ago, but the sto...

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Is AT&T capping iPhone upload speeds? Inquiring minds want to know

The MacRumors forums are abuzz with users comparing their recent upload speeds. TUAW reader Becca Holmes tipped us that iPhone users are experiencing uploads that appear to be capped at 100 kbps rather than the 1.6mbps that was a previous norm. Users have been comparing rates captured with tools ...

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