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White Noise HQ brings you customized focus and relaxation

There are a lot of white noise apps available in the App Store, but this one is by far the most robust. Available in both a free and a paid version for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, White Noise HQ is packed with sounds and customization features. In general, most free apps come with extreme...

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Hands on with Voice Dream's ebook narration

As the school year heads back into session, many students have a lot of new reading on their plate. Parents whose children struggle with assigned books might be considering ways to augment that material. Over the summer, Amazon regularly offered to add Audible narrations to assigned reading title...

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The curious case of Amazon.com's iOS apps

There has been a lot of conversation about changes that Amazon has made to the Comixology app. Specifically, the company removed the customer's ability to buy comics through the app. On this week's Back to Work, Dan and Merlin talked about how the App Store rules make the it so that Comixology ca...

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Siri requests that make you want to fist-bump your iPhone

We love Siri. We love its constantly evolving snark and growing repertoire of silly responses. It's never the wrong time to highlight its interactions and introduce ones you may not yet be aware of. Today, we were in a Siri mood. Here are six fresh instances of Siri hilarity and utility. 6. Reques...

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BMW integrating more iOS apps into driving experience

BMW is moving aggressively to bring the iOS app experience to drivers through its BMW Apps option. Today, the company announced tie-ins with four iOS apps, including Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody and TuneIn. Plug your iOS device into the console USB connection of any BMW Apps-enabled car, and yo...

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Audible updates its iOS app, adds support for the iPad

Amazon is on a roll updating both its IMDb app and its Audible app within hours of each other. The latest version of Audible is a universal app and now includes a native iPad version. Huzzah! Besides support for all iPad models, the updated Audible app also includes the following improvements...

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Audible removing in-app purchases according to Apple's rules

We've seen quite a bit of squabbling over the subscription and in-app purchase for content rules on the App Store in the past, but generally, things have tended to go Apple's way. Most companies, especially those who really depend on the iOS audience for buying their content, are eventually wil...

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Audible finally arrives on the iPhone

I've been an Audible fan for far longer then I've owned an iPhone; when I first launched the App Store, Audible was one of the first things I searched for. Thanks to some of the changes made in iOS 4.0, some of the largest challenges for an Audible iPhone app we've written about in the past are n...

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Audible.com downloads: there's an app for that, just not on the iPhone.

There are very, very few things I miss about my Treo, but one of the few is my favorite app: AudibleAir. AudibleAir is an application from Audible.com that would download audio books from your Audible Library directly to your mobile phone. It is available on just about every popular smartphone you ...

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Amazon buys audiobook vendor Audible

The tie between spoken-books merchant Audible and iTunes has always been strong. Audible's catalog forms the backbone of iTunes' audio book offerings, and there's a history of Audible offering iTunes-exclusive content. So it came as a surprise to me when Amazon bought Audible for $300 million, anno...

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