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Audiolio: A multitasking note-taking and audio recording app for iPad

There are a ton of note-taking apps for the iPad, since the portable hands-on device is so analogous to the traditional pen and notepad. Many of these apps also allow a way to record audio in the background as you take notes. Audiolio (US$2.99) looks at taking notes in another way, providing wr...

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Fostex AR-4i turns iPhone 4 into handheld stereo HD video powerhouse

Attention budding iPhone videographers! Before you start filming your magnum opus for next year's Venice International Film Festival, be sure to check out the US$149.99 Foxtex AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone 4. While the iPhone 4 does a pretty good job of capturing 720p video, the sound leav...

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Pear Note: note taking for the best of us

Though I graduated from college (Go Bears!) not so long ago, in computer years it seems like ages: notebook computers have almost completely replaced spiral-bound notebooks, and PowerPoint and Keynote are increasingly supplanting the chalkboard. The changing dynamics of teaching demand a change in t...

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