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Tag: AugmentedReality

Volkswagen unveils MARTA, an iOS auto repair app

While many augmented reality applications are largely consumer-facing, Volkswagen is instead empowering its technicians with an AR-centric tool to expedite repair and service. Using an iOS app named MARTA (Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance), workers servicing VW's futuristic new XL1 co...

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IKEA allows you to virtually furnish your room through augmented reality

IKEA has released the 2014 version of its catalog app with a cool new feature. It lets users virtually furnish their rooms using augmented reality. Shoppers get started by scanning one of the 90 AR-enabled product pages in the IKEA print catalog with the digital IKEA Catalog app. They then place ...

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CES Unveiled: Sphero reveals new apps to roll around in

The good folks at Orbotix, makers of the little roly-poly robot Sphero, were also in attendance at CES Unveiled last night, where they were showing off a number of new apps coming to add more functionality to the robotic ball. Sharky the Beaver was shown off a while ago, but it was on display l...

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Minecraft Reality app for iPhone, iPad enters the real world

Everyone loves Minecraft, but having to return to the dull, dreary real world after spending countless hours crafting amazing works of blocky art can be a real drag. But fear not, as reported by TNW, a new iOS augmented reality app called Minecraft Reality can change all that by giving you a glanc...

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Star Walk adds realistic sunsets and enhanced galleries

As iOS astronomy apps go, Star Walk is certainly at the top for graphics and depth of features. We've reviewed it favorably in the past. Version 6.0 today adds realistic sunset and sunrise effects, a completely new info window, and a new and improved gallery of astronomy images. The company say...

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New NASA app brings spacecraft to life in 3D

NASA is no stranger to 3D. It has done some impressive CGI trips into galaxies and nebulae, and of course it has offered some stunning 3D images from the Mars spacecraft. NASA has just released a free iPad and iPhone app called Spacecraft 3D. Here's how it works. You launch the app and then pri...

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iPhone AR "talking" comic book cover surprisingly cheesy

In case you haven't had your daily allotment of cheese yet today, feast your eyes on the video below. It showcases a talking comic book cover for issue #1 of Valiant Entertainment's X-O Manowar comic, using an iPhone and augmented reality to bring the character's mouth to life. BoingBoing bro...

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Augmented reality iPad app enhances Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer is working with Augmented Reality specialists Aurasma to provide an enhanced version of their newspaper says a report in ITworld. The project would allow people to launch a custom iPad app built by Aurasma that would show animations, video and audio when it's pointed i...

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3M develops augmented reality post-it note app

The popular South by Southwest music, film and interactive conference starts today, and 3M will be on hand to introduce a new augmented reality post-it note app, says Mashable. The app was created with the help of well-known AR developer Metaio, and the idea behind it is clever. It lets you create...

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Daily iPhone App: Pocket Universe

Pocket Universe has been one of my favorite astronomy apps for the iPhone. Take it outside to easily identify what's up using the charts and the built-in augmented reality features. With an update that hit the app store yesterday, you can now talk to Pocket Universe, using Siri speech recognition b...

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Amazon's Flow app is augmented reality shopping goodness

Amazon quietly released a new iPhone app last week that aims to give other bar code scanning apps a run for their money. The free app, called Flow, isn't revolutionary in its bar code scanning capabilities. Oh, it scans bar codes just fine, but the beauty of Flow is that it does more than just ...

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Starbucks launching augmented reality Cup Magic app for the holidays

Starbucks is going to kick off the holiday season with a special app for iPhone and Android devices that will interact with art on holiday cups at the popular coffee shops around the world. You can see the app in action in the video below. As you can see, it's not really so functional as just a...

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Patent suggests augmented reality coming to Maps and Compass apps

According to Patently Apple, a new patent application from Apple suggests the company is interested in baking augmented reality functions into the iPhone's built-in Maps and Compass apps. In one implementation suggested by the patent, users could take a picture of their surroundings and perform...

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iPhone augmented reality browser Junaio used to "block" billboards in NYC

PublicAdCampaign and The Heavy Projects worked together to include an ad-scrubbing feature in the augmented reality browser Junaio. This trial feature lets NYC residents replace outdoor advertisements in a handful of locations including Times Square with art from indie artists/activists. This i...

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Sensor-rich computing: the quiet revolution that started in your pocket

Suppose you're at at your desk with a MacBook and an iPhone. You want to check cinema screening times at your local multiplex and the weather forecast so you'll know if you'll need a jacket or not. Which device do you reach for? If you choose the MacBook, you'll need to go to a cinema listing...

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