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Serious about getting in shape? Get Custom Fit

This free universal app is not intended for those of us who work out occasionally but are not really all that serious about getting in top shape. Custom Fit and Custom Fit Pro, a US$1.99 upgrade are aimed at the people who are dedicated to working out regularly and targeting specific muscle grou...

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Extended iTunes song previews delayed, licensing may be to blame

One of the things that was widely rumored to appear but ultimately absent from Apple's music event last week was an extension of song previews on the iTunes Store from their current 30 seconds to 60 or even 90 seconds. According to CNET, we can blame the Byzantine licensing arrangement of the music ...

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It's official: iTunes tracks will remain $0.99 each

After months of debate (could you imagine being involved in "months of debate" with Steve? No, thanks), Apple and the Big Four record companies have come to a deal that will allow the iTunes Music Store to avoid variable pricing, keeping the cost of a single track to $0.99 (more or less). ...

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