iTunes 8 causes Windows Vista BSOD

Some Windows Vista users are having significant problems using iTunes 8, which crashes the operating system with a "blue screen of death" when an iPod or iPhone is connected to the PC. Apple today released a tech note, suggesting to uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support, restart the computer, and re...

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Hidden Windows BSOD in Leopard beta

Oh Apple devs, you are so funny. In a move that's sure to bring on the flames from the Mac vs. PC crowd, it looks like Leopard's developers have left this little jokey joke in Leopard's Finder that's been making the rounds-- when a Windows share becomes unreachable or fails to connect appears in t...

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The soul of an iPod vending machine

Those ZoomSystems iPod vending machines that we once gently mocked are both more successful and more ubiquitous than we thought they'd be. Still, it seems they aren't flawless. Reader & iPod shopper Kristopher decided to give one of the machines at his local mall a try; unfortunately, as soon a...

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Boot Camp leaves some iMac users in the dark

There are corners of the Apple support discussion forums that make you want to dress in black and sit in your room with all the lights off. The current cry for techno-Zoloft is in some forlorn threads regarding iMac 24" boxes that fail to display anything in Windows, a symptom dubbed the "Black Scre...

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Widget Watch: Kernel Panic

In the great tradition set forth by the BSOD widget, the Kernel Panic widget offers a panic-inducing performance for the rest of us. Just set it up on your friend's, boss' or worst enemy's Mac and watch their hearts skip a beat as they (hopefully) figure out the gag. Its developer, Powermacguy, ove...

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