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Baby Monitor 3G makes watching your baby much easier with new OS X version

Having a baby requires constant vigilance -- morning and night you are watching over your little one to keep them safe and happy. One indispensable tool for parents is a baby monitor that lets you watch over your child from afar. If you have an old iOS device lying around, then you might want to s...

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WiFi Baby is a first-class remote video monitoring system for your baby

Parents with a young baby know how hard it is to check your little one while he or she is sleeping. You try to quietly tip-toe into the room, but inevitably the baby senses your presence and wakes up from his slumber. One solution that'll let you watch your child without disturbing their sleep ...

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Withings Baby Monitor works with iPhone, isn't cheap

The Withings Baby Monitor is finally available in the US, and it's one expensive iPhone accessory. First teased in January, the gadget is on sale for US$299. The corresponding iPhone app is free. What does it do for three hundred bucks? It monitors the humidity in Junior's room, lets you know when...

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WiFi Baby 3G baby monitor: Watching your baby from afar

Most parents want to keep a close eye on their baby, especially when he or she is sleeping in their room down the hall. Rather than check obsessively, which is what I did when I had my first baby, products like the WiFi Baby 3G let you easily watch your child from afar. Best of all, you can see...

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iBaby monitor: Keeping an iOS eye on your little one

One of the nicest things about Apple's iOS mobile operating system becoming ubiquitous is that accessory manufacturers are coming out with some wonderful devices that work with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The latest is one that new parents are going to love: the iBaby Monitor (US$199.95) fr...

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How to insult a Mac mini: make it warm the wipes for you

How would you insult a Mac mini? Well, one way is to discover that, after you move it across the room, away from toddlers with longer arms than they were born with (the better to yank ill-placed computers to the floor through the crib slats, my dear) the Mac mini makes an excellent diaper wipe warme...

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DIY iSight night vision camera

Now that most all Apple computers come with their own built-in iSight, the standalone iSight has taken a bit of a back seat. It always was a gorgeous piece of Apple art, though, and I really wanted to use it in a functional way. An easy way was to attach it to the Mac mini I have in the baby's room,...

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The mighty mini, take two: DIY video baby monitor

What do you get when you combine a new parent on maternity leave with a love of gadgets and Apple products? Why, you get "baby monitor overkill!" In response to Dave Caolo's recent ode to the Mac mini, I figured it was time to step up. I had two things gathering dust: my old standalone iSight, a go...

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