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Barnes & Noble releases eReader app for iPad

Barnes & Noble released its eReader for iPad (free) this week. This latest incarnation adds some features that the iPhone version lacks, like text highlighting and room for annotations (something I wish Apple's iBooks app did). But more than that, eReader for iPad is about sharing. A unique f...

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Barnes & Noble eReader for iPad coming soon

That's the word from the giant U.S. bookseller. There is already a version for the iPhone and iPod touch, and Barnes & Noble says customers can expect the free software around the time of the iPad launch. The reader will give B&N customers access to more than a million eBooks, as well as ...

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Macmillan trying to sell readers 'hardcover' ebooks

John Siracusa drew my attention to an article by Macmillan CEO John Sargent on the agency model, availability and price, in which he says that the company actually plans to keep their hardcover/paperback separation even while selling ebooks. While new hardcover ebooks will sell for $14.99 and $12.9...

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