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iGTD's Bartek Bargiel joins Cultured Code, Things 1.2 hits the streets

I have very fond memories of iGTD, and of its sole developer, Bartek Bargiel. The much-anticipated iGTD2 never really reached fruition, much to our dismay. There are a good number of people still using iGTD and iGTD2 today, even after development ceased quite some time ago, and I'd wager that anyo...

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iGTD2 showing promise

You may recall iGTD, which we covered last year. Up until some Leopard difficulties forced me to start flailing between not-quite-ready GTD applications, I was a loyal user. And yes, those Leopard difficulties could have been solved, but the author had his hands full with reincarnating iGTD -- as iG...

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