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iPhones and other gadgets get a charge from bus shelter ads

The next time you're waiting for that bus that is really, really late, there's no need to worry about your iPhone or iPad battery dying. Thanks to a creative ad company and the Vitaminwater brand, bus shelters in several American cities are being equipped with a USB port for charging. The she...

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uBeam developing "Wi-Fi for energy" to enable wireless charging

The day when we don't have to plug in our consumer electronics is getting closer, thanks to a new startup named uBeam that has developed a safe way of beaming power to your devices. Rather than using inductive charging, which has a very short effective range and usually requires that the char...

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Apple's new battery charger is deceptively cool

Rounding out the list of hardware updates from Apple this morning is a battery charger. Before you dismiss it (as I initially did) as just a battery charger, consider the following. First, Apple is pushing its green aspects. For example, the charger is smart enough to pull less power once the bat...

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