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Tag: Bejeweled

Even the Candy Crush developers are worried that they're a one-hit wonder

Candy Crush Saga (you know, that über-successful puzzle game that's almost exactly like Bejeweled, which, by the way, is superior in every way... but I digress) is successful on a level that most developers never even dream of. To date, the game has been downloaded more than half a billion ti...

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Candy Crush Saga passes 500m downloads, Bejeweled fans shake their heads

I won't play Candy Crush Saga -- mainly because it bothers me that Bejeweled never reached the same level of mainstream popularity -- but a lot of people do play it. Developer King revealed to The Telegraph that a whopping 500,000,000 have played the game across web and mobile platforms. The color...

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PopCap finally releases Bejeweled HD on iPad

Bejeweled is probably the most popular mobile game out there, but for some reason, PopCap has never actually released it officially on the iPad. It's been out on the iPhone before, and of course you could play it on Apple's tablet, but it has never run natively. Until now, that is -- PopCap has...

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Lots of free and discounted apps this pre-holiday weekend

Yes, Christmas isn't until next week, but around here, a free app is always welcome. Here's some apps that have gone free for this holiday season. The excellent match-3 Call of Atlantis is free this weekend. Chillingo's puzzle platformer NyxQuest is also free. Babo Crash is another...

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PopCap revamps Bejeweled on iOS, sends Bejeweled Blitz freemium

Very similar to the way EA has revamped its Tetris app recently, PopCap Games (now owned by EA) has decided to revamp its Bejeweled offerings on the iPhone, taking the various versions of the world's brightest match-3 game gem and concentrating them down into a few offerings. There will be two B...

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Bejeweled 3 out now for Mac

Billed as the world's #1 puzzle game, PopCap's Bejeweled 3 for Mac is out and ready for download. This new version has 8 different game modes, including Classic Bejeweled, non-stop Lightning, and Zen mode, and it also allows players to collect up to 65 achievement badges and unlock 4 new games as th...

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TUAW's Daily App: Shifters

Shifters is a fun little match-3 game with a "twist" -- instead of switching colored blocks to match three of a kind, you rotate them in sets of four. That changes up the strategy a bit, as the patterns look a little different from the standard Bejeweled-type game (the shifting mechanic is obviously...

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Trism matches the iPhone's accelerometer with puzzle gameplay

One more reason why we can't wait for the iPhone SDK to drop. GameSetWatch has a short interview up with developer Steve D of Demiforce about his new iPhone game, Trism. It's a Bejeweled-like gem matching puzzle game, but the twist is that after getting matched, the gems fall in the direction that ...

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Bejeweled hits the iPhone

Bejewled has long been one of the most popular games on mobile devices. Now maker PopCap has announced a version "optimized for the iPhone's display and input controls." If you surf to PopCap Games official site with an iPhone you should be re-directed to (or just cl...

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Five things Apple can do to bring gamers back

Apple is releasing games for the iPod. EA and id show up at the WWDC keynote. And the rumors say Nintendo may team with Apple for the iPhone. All signs point to an Apple that seriously wants to reenter the gaming market, an arena that has been dominated by PCs and consoles for quite some time. But e...

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