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Analyst: iPhone mini could increase Apple's market reach by 6X, revenue 2.5X

Analyst Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research predicts Apple could increase its addressable handset market by 6X in unit volume and 2.5X in revenue with the launch of a smaller, less expensive iPhone model, says Forbes. These projected numbers come from his analysis of handset market share and Apple...

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It's official: iPad now the all-time fastest-selling gadget

For those of us who are Apple fanatics, we've had a feeling that the iPad was popular. Whether it's seeing the devices pop out all over the plane on an airline flight, or having to give hundreds of demos of the iPad on a cruise ship, it's apparent that Apple's tablet is still a hot item. Now it's...

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iPad adoption rate faster than DVD, says analyst

I first heard about DVDs in late March 1997, sitting in the back seat of a friend's car as her now-husband explained this new video format that had just gone on sale weeks earlier. Having just gotten my VCR, it was pretty hard to fathom picking up another piece of hardware anytime soon. Within th...

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