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DevJuice: Recovering your UUID after upgrading

Some of our TUAW staff got really excited this week when the iPad beta of iOS 7 finally debuted. So excited, in fact, that they forgot to check if their device was properly registered with their dev account. They installed the beta -- and, as you probably guessed, got stuck. Fortunately, for thos...

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DevJuice: If you don't report the bug in the beta to Apple, it does not exist

To paraphrase some Apple employees: "Radar or GTFO." As many Apple persons are pointing out this week, unless you report bugs (called "radars") to Apple, you are doing nothing to improve the circumstances of which you complain. As Chris Rawson has pointed out repeatedly over the years, Apple's "bet...

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iOS 4.2 SDK beta 3 available for download

Apple has posted an updated beta for the iOS 4.2 SDK. iOS 4.2 is expected to debut "in November" for general consumption. If you are part of the developer program, you can head on over to the dev center now, authenticate with your credentials and download the newest release. As always, beta SDKs ...

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