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iOS 7.1's new shift key icons are rad

"What's the matter with the shift key icon, honey? It's still Rock & Roll to me" -- Surprisingly not actual lyrics by Billy Joel Today, as 7.1 rolled in, major complainage could be heard echoing through the TUAW back channels. "OMG," the afflicted cried, "The world is at an end -- Apple...

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Billy Joel catalog sale on iTunes

Attention Billy Joel fans: iTunes has a few things that will interest you. Billy Joel's studio albums are now on sale for $7.99 each (that's 2 buck off for the mathematically challenged out there). For you Billy Joel completists there is also an iTunes exclusive single called 'All My Life' which wi...

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New Billy Joel single to hit iTunes on Feb 20

Earthtimes.org reports that Billy Joel will release his first pop single in a decade and a half. "All My Life" will be available for download on the People Magazine website from February 7th, and from iTunes starting February 20th. You can also catch Joel performing the National Anthem at the Superb...

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