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Tag: BlastFromThePast

Blast From the Past: Apple patents, ads, and catalogs

A trio of nostalgic finds covers everything from a visual history of Apple patents to the ads and catalogs that marketed these products to consumers. Andrew McConnell received an old mail-order computer catalog from 1980, with the first 12 pages featuring Apple products. For the low, low price of $9...

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Blast from the Past: Original Macintosh manual

Here's a nice find. Peter Merholz recently got ahold of an original Mac User Manual from 1984 and has posted a bunch of pics along with commentary. The most interesting thing, of course, is seeing them trying to explain basic computing GUI concepts like click-and-drag and scrolling that we take so ...

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Blast from the Past: Under Siege 2

Casey Ryback, Steven Segal's character in Under Siege, never had it easy but he had great toys. Sure, he was "just the cook" but apparently SEAL cooks have access to some amazing gadgets. Like special communicators, explosives and Miss July. Under Siege was so successful, the filmmakers decided t...

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Blast from the Past: 1986 Apple Ad

If your business is out of control, suggests this ad, perhaps a Macintosh could solve all your problems, with its shiny, shiny spreadsheets, word processing, and other business features that allow you to concentrate on your business rather than learning how to become a computer expert. More to th...

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Blast from the Past: Apple Ships OS 8

July 1997. Apple Computer (and it was still Apple Computer back then, none of this Apple, Inc business) revealed the latest and greatest operating system: OS 8. It was even delivered on time! Selling for $99, OS 8 introduced a spiffy updated Finder, preemptive cooperative multitasking and memory pr...

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Blast From the Past: RetroRumors

May 11, 1988. The dawn of a new Apple ][gs+. Someone claiming early access to the development posted details to an online board, which was copied and forwarded and eventually posted to Usenet: "please don't spread this special information around, as apple would not be happy if this got out to the pu...

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Blast from the Past: Apple acquires NeXT

It's December 20, 1996. Apple has just acquired NeXT in a $400 million deal that brings Steve Jobs back to Apple. Jobs will act as an "advisor" to CEO Gil Amelio, bringing his charisma to the team led by Amelio and Ellen Hancock. The deal offers $350 million in cash and stock as well as covering abo...

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Blast from the Past: RetroMacCast

James and John love old Macs. So much so, that they get together about once a week to talk about collecting and using old Macs on their new podcast, the RetroMacCast. Each episode "strolls down memory lane" to discuss older Macintosh computers, from both the perspective of the collector and the user...

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Blast from the Past: Mousing Around

People didn't always know how to point and click. The ubiquity of today's mice, trackballs, touch-pads and other UI inputs clouds the memory of a time when Apple needed to train users to work with pointing devices. GUIdebook, the Graphical User Interface gallery, works to preserve and showcase hist...

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Blast from the Past: Apple II Users Guide and Owners Manual

Like many other companies, Apple offers archival versions of its product manuals for products that have long since been discontinued. As a regular user of OS 9 on my PowerMac 7200, this comes in more useful than you might imagine. So I was delighted to find that the archival support goes back even f...

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Blast from the Past: Getting Started with the Newton

So how much ahead of its time was the 1993 Apple Newton? This video may give you a good idea. In a world where the Palm did not yet exist, where PocketPCs were still a dream, the Newton blazed the path that many other PDAs would follow. Handwriting recognition, transformation of sketches into h...

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30 years ago was just the beginning

A new banner on Apple Computer's main page states that the first 30 years were just the beginning. "Welcome to 2007," it tells us. We at TUAW like to look backwards as well as forwards. Here's a nostalgic peek back to 1976, to the Apple-1. (Click the advertisement image to enlarge.) It's been a lon...

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Blast from the Past: 1996 Programming FAQ

Do you remember the days of MarksMan (aka Prototyper)? AppMaker? Mac Common Lisp? Smalltalk Agents? This FAQ may bring back some memories. It's a snapshot in time from 1996, which seems like yesterday in real time but was, technologically-speaking, a million years ago. The prices for developer tool...

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Blast from the Past: Apple II Commercial with Dick Cavett

It's the "appliance for the '80s". Or so Dick Cavett would have had us believe. This is an actual Apple II commercial from waybackwhen(TM), pointing out all the advantages an Apple computer could make in our lives. Like balancing the budget. And tracking recipes. Fortunately, the commercial's wri...

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