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Daily iPad App: Agricola is Playdek's great adaptation of the board game

Agricola is one of the most popular board games around these days -- it's sort of a farming simulation game, where you can take two turns every round, and then periodically get rewards paid off in a harvest. Playdek is an up-and-coming iOS developer that's mostly done card games so far -- they're ...

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Daily iPhone App: Las Vegas! brings Ravensburger's dice game to the iPad

Las Vegas! is a popular dice game that Ravensburger put together last year. It's not exactly the most complicated board game on the block (you roll dice, and then can place them into certain numbered slots that represent stakes in money-making casinos), but it's fun for families especially, and ...

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Daily iPad App: Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy is a great board game adaptation

Eclipse is one of the most popular board games around right now -- it's a vast, involving epic "4X" game, where those four Xs stand for eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation (as in mining crops and resources from various planets) and eXtermination (as in finishing off your alien opponents). I...

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Graeme Devine takes off with Rocket Patrol

Graeme Devine is a veteran game developer (he created The 7th Guest and then worked on Quake 3 and Halo Wars) who's turned his attention to iOS recently, putting together touch-based games meant for gamers of all ages. His latest title, which I got to see at GDC 2013 last week, is a board/card ...

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GDC 2013: Space Hulk lurches towards release

Since I'm a huge Warhammer 40k fan, I was very excited to hear that a company named Full Control is planning to port the old Space Hulk board game to iOS, and I was even more excited to find the game up and running on the floor of GDC last week in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Full Control's ga...

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Daily iPhone App: Summoner Wars is a complicated mix of virtual board and card game

I took a trip down to Tampa Bay, Fla., for my sister's wedding last week, and before I headed for the airport, I loaded up my iPhone and iPad with a few new apps to check out on the way. Honestly, Fieldrunners 2 HD ended up taking most of my gaming time, but Summoner Wars was a very impressive ...

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Daily iPhone App: Lost Cities is a great port of a popular card game

Lost Cities is one of Reiner Knizia's award-winning board games that recently made its way over to iOS, and I think it's great. The game is simple and easy to play, but it shows off quite a bit of complexity among just a few elements. The biggest complaints I have are that the tutorial can be c...

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Ticket to Ride coming to the Mac

The railroading-themed board game Ticket to Ride has made a successful transition to iOS, and it's now it will shortly be available on the Mac through the Mac App Store. The game launches April 5. The Mac release of the game allows you to compete with opponents on the Mac, PC, Linux and iPad ...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Cargo Runners

Trouble Brothers is a company run by developers Jeff McCord and Steve Shippert, and when I saw them back at Macworld earlier this year, they showed me a game they were working on called Cargo Runners, destined to be released on the iPad, along with an actual real-life board game version. It doe...

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App Review: Viking Lords is good fun, but could be "borrowing" too much

Sending miniature warriors –- cavalry, spearmen, archers, dwarves and giants –- into pretend battles has a long tradition, and there are already plenty of ways to do so on your iDevice. We looked at Ex Illis a while back, which used your iPhone as a scorekeeper for your physical min...

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Catan app adds Seafarers expansion with in-app purchase

The great Catan iOS game has added in its first expansion, available via an in-app purchase, and it's based on the Seafarers of Catan expansion from the original German board game. The expansion introduces ships and shipping routes to the kingdom-building simulation, and it includes 10 different sc...

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App Review: Tafl brings Norse asymmetry to your game table

Mancala. Chess. Backgammon. The number of ancient board games available in the App Store is long and somewhat predictable. A fresh new entry that deserves notice is Tafl, a pretty and interesting abstract strategy game that has existed in Northern Europe since at least 400 C.E. Exactly how the game ...

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App Review: Medici ships good gameplay onto your iPad

Medici [$5.99] is the latest in a growing, impressive line of heavy-ish board games to make the jump from the table to the iPad, and it's amazing to see this game – so carefully crafted and respected by the designer board game community – on a touch screen with an animated background. Wi...

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App review: Blokus HD is shiny, way too shiny

The difference between a port of a tabletop board game to the iPad by someone like Gameloft – makers of games like James Cameron's Avatar for iPad and Asphalt 5 – and smaller, independent companies is pretty stunning. It's also quite pretty. Take a look at the flashy images in the Blokus...

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TUAW Review: Carcassonne finally, gloriously comes to the iPhone

After Small World, Carcassonne is one of the most anticipated designer board game apps to hit the App Store. It took a little longer than expected, but everything from the basic Carcassonne game is here. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no river tiles, no traders, no princess or dragon. It's...

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