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Bob Iger picks up $55,000 in stock for joining Apple's Board

We mentioned earlier this week that Disney CEO Bob Iger was invited to join up to Apple's Board of Directors, and Fortune reports that as part of his deal, Iger got 142 restricted shares of AAPL, totalling a nice bonus of over $55,000 at current market value. Nice work, if you can get it! We jok...

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Arthur D. Levinson new Apple chairman, Disney CEO Bob Iger joins board

Arthur D. Levinson has been named chairman of Apple's board of directors. Levinson has been a co-lead director of the board since 2005, and he is also chairman of Genentech. At the same time, Disney president and CEO Bob Iger has also joined Apple's board of directors; together, he and Levinson wi...

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Al Gore praises Apple Board at All Things D conference

Al Gore, Former Vice President and member of the Apple board of Directors, sat down with Walt Mossberg at the recent AsiaD conference held in Hong Kong last week. Besides environmental issues and politics, Gore also talked about Steve Jobs, Apple and its board of Directors. Gore has served on App...

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Eric Schmidt "couldn't stay on" Apple's board (Updated)

Update: The original story had a misquote and was subsequently updated to correct this. We've updated our story as well. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt spoke with Salesforce Chairman CEO Mark Benioff in a Q&A session earlier this week. The former CEO had kind words to say about Steve Jobs and ...

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Steve Jobs expected to remain on Disney board

The name Steve Jobs is synonymous with Apple, the company the man co-founded with Steve Wozniak and the relatively unknown Ronald Wayne. Fewer people remember that Jobs also has ties with Disney and has been on the board of directors of the entertainment giant for the past five years. Bloomberg...

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Apple joins Bluetooth SIG board of directors

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced that Apple and semiconductor firm Nordic have both joined the board of directors. Apple is an obvious choice; not only is the company now at the lead of the mobile device industry, but it's also been very faithful to the standard, including Blu...

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Ron Sugar wins board member popularity contest

OK, weekend pop quiz! Quick, who's the most popular member of the Apple board with shareholders? Head-scratching allowed, coffee may be taken, think hard, no taking peeks at the illustration or headline here...Well, if you answered 'Steve Jobs', you're probably human. And if you're an anonymous fi...

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CNBC: Eric Schmidt resigns from Apple's board

CNBC has reported this morning that Google CEO Eric Schmidt, right, has resigned from Apple's board of directors after three years. This comes a week after Apple pulled GV Mobile and Voice Central from the App Store and rejected Google's own Google Voice app, along with the uproar and FCC letters th...

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Lessons from Marcia Brady: why Eric Schmidt should resign from Apple's board

One of my favorite episodes of The Brady Bunch is "Quarterback Sneak." In it, Marcia starts dating Jerry Rogers, quarterback of the Fairview High School football team. Problem is, Fairview happens to be the rival of Marcia & Greg's Westdale High School, and the two teams are scheduled to play in...

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Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, joins Apple's Board

Perhaps that Google iPod wrap was a hint; Apple just announced that Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, was elected to Apple's Board of Directors at today's Board of Directors meeting. Steve Jobs was quoted as saying, "Like Apple, Google is very focused on innovation and we think Eric's insights and ex...

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