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Quix makes bookmarklets even easier to use

Bookmarklets are one of my favorite things. I have an entire folder of them in my Safari Bookmark Bar for Instapaper and Readability and bit.ly and Pukka and Tumblr and ... well, you get the idea. They're incredibly handy for doing "something" with the current webpage that you are viewing, or quickl...

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Automatically paste your way to bookmarklet happiness

Awesome TUAW Reader Tom King enjoyed using my javascript iPastelet (his phrase--isn't it great?) and created this interactive tool that automates the bookmarklet design process. His web form lets you specify the text to paste and the bookmarklet name. You can even skip the "Paste here" confirmation...

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TUAW Responds: Reader Requests iPhone Javascript Pasting

TUAW reader jadam asks if someone would please code up a bookmarklet that allows you to paste into website fields. It's a bit of a hack but I've put together this bookmarklet that you can sync to your iPhone and paste a pre-defined phrase into Safari. This version pastes the word TUAW but you can e...

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Tabulate adds Safari "tabs" to iPhone and iPod touch

Now here's a clever trick. Inventive Labs Gadgets has designed a Safari bookmarklet that adds "tabs" to your iPhone browsing experience. Just drag their bookmarklet into your Safari bookmarks bar, then sync your iPhone or iPod touch. (Make sure you've selected Info > Web browser > Sync Safari...

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