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iPad launch: Boston's Boylston Street store

The crystal-clear facade of Boston's Boylston Street Apple Store* beckoned and a slew of customers heeded the call this morning to greet the iPad. By the time I arrived at 8am, a line had formed down the street and around the corner -- a few hundred people at least. A second line for pre-order c...

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iPad launch: Boston's first in line

We're were on the ground in Boston this morning (and New York, and Colorado, and ... ) waiting for the Apple Store to open. Here at the Boylston Street store the line started very early. At 12:00 am, in fact. Meet Miles. He's a New Yorker currently attending school in nearby Beverly, MA and was B...

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Grab a piece of Apple history, for charity

The Boylston Street Apple Store opening in Boston was entertainment for all, especially Bostonians. The unveiling was almost as much fun as the facade. Among the souvenirs floating around, at least one is worthy of special note, as the sale of it will benefit more than just the lucky buyer. Rescued ...

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Boston's Tech Superpowers buries a treasure for Apple

This is my favorite story of the week. Major League Baseball fans probably remember the New York construction worker who buried a David Oritz jersey underneath the New York Yankees stadium in an attempt to jinx the team. It seems he unwittingly started a trend. On Thursday, Apple's newest retail sto...

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One step closer to Apple Store Boston?

Today, TUAW reader (and Boston resident) Matt sends in this tip that seems to point to the ongoing saga of the future Boston Apple Store. While riding his bike past the Copy Cop on Boylston Street (Apple originally proposed taking over the Copy Cop building for the new store), he noticed a sign stat...

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More on the Boston Apple Store

This story has almost as much drama as Apple's recent legal battle. Apple is planning on putting a new flagship store in Boston, Ma. The design initially proposed to Boston's Back Bay Architectural Committee (BBAC) was shot down (the BBAC didn't like its contemporary look). Next, a rumor surfaced th...

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