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Georgia Tech's BrailleTouch is a Braille writer for iPhone

Researchers from the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech have developed a prototype iPhone app called BrailleTouch that should revolutionize texting and data entry for visually impaired iPhone users. The app places six keys -- three for each hand -- on the sides of the iPhone screen in...

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Omnifer adds Braille, makes iPad useful for the blind

Here's an interesting concept for a case meant to make the iPad usable for blind and visually impaired customers. The Omnifer almost covers the iPad completely, save for a small portion of the screen, and adds raised Braille buttons. What's really cool is that the Omnifer is more than Braille bu...

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Apple updates Braille support in Leopard

Today, Apple released the Braille Display Update 1.0 for VoiceOver in Leopard. VoiceOver, part of the Universal Access family of accessibility tech, allows blind or visually impaired users to hear what's on the screen. Via the new update, when you connect a compatible Braille display, "VoiceOver aut...

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