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5 amazing iPad paintings that we know are real

The internet just can't seem to come to a consensus on whether or not that ridiculously detailed iPad painting of Morgan Freeman was legit or not, but that's OK, because we have plenty of examples of jaw-dropping iPad art that we know for sure are real. How do we know? Well, we have full videos sh...

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Nomad brushes with wide strokes at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Don Lee, CEO of Nomad Brush, was kind enough to meet with us for a few minutes on the floor of Macworld | iWorld 2012 last week to chat about his creation, which is one of the nicer brushes available for virtual painting on Apple's devices. Nomad's got a few different makes and models for various ...

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Kyle Lambert paints portraits with the iPad

UK-based visual artist Kyle Lambert put together a slideshow for Macworld that showcases the power of the iPad in the hands of professional. I couldn't create anything nearly as nice as this, but Lambert has been able to create a life-like portrait using only his fingers, the Brushes app for the ...

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Music video created with iPad Brushes app

This video for the song named "Undivided" by the band Blush is intriguing. First of all, because it's a pretty solid pop song (with, as far as I can tell, a rare safe-for-work appearance by Snoop Dogg himself). Second, because the simple but beautiful animation was entirely created by animator ...

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Found footage: Creating photorealistic portraits with a finger and an iPad

Artists are taking to the iPad like ducks to water. The device seems to be a natural tool for many artists to use, and the public is now starting to see the fruits of the relationship in the form of some startling and beautiful digital art. Kyle Lambert is a perfect example of an artist who ha...

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Finger painting on the iPad

We've speculated before about what artists could do with the iPad's bigger screen, and here's an answer. In the video above, portrait artist David Kassan uses the Brushes app to create a painting from a live model. I don't know what the fingerless gloves are all about, but you can definitely see ...

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Apple spotlights apps ready for iOS 4.0

We already spotlighted a few big apps that have made the jump to iOS 4 (and I'm sure we'll have more coming up soon), but Apple has gone ahead and put a few of its favorites on a page in iTunes for you to browse through as well. There are some excellent games on the list (PopCap didn't waste any ti...

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Adobe releases Adobe Ideas for iPad

Just because Adobe can't have Flash on the iPad doesn't mean that they want to miss out on the Apple tablet bandwagon. Adobe has released a pretty cool app called Adobe Ideas. Adobe Ideas is a sketchbook for the iPad. The app features vector-based drawing tools, zoom control, sizable brushes, layers...

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Can you believe it? New Yorker cover done on iPhone app.

Looking at the cover of the June 1 New Yorker Magazine it is pretty hard to believe that it was created with a US$4.99 app on an iPhone. The app is Brushes [App Store] and it allows painting on the iPhone /iPod touch screen using your fingers and a variety of brush styles. If you have a Mac, you ...

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Pixelmator 1.4 Sprinkle out now

The folks at Pixelmator have released version 1.4, named Sprinkle, and it's now available from their site or from directly within the app. They've got more performance improvements in here, and the big addition this time around is brushes: not only are there a host of new brush options in the app, b...

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