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Tag: BugFixes

Status Board updated with bugfixes, performance improvements

Panic's well-received Status Board app has been updated to version 1.1, and as you might imagine, it's mostly a bugfix update. The biggest issue fixed was probably a bug with sending standard video out, but that should be all taken care of according to Panic (sending HD video out still requires...

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Acorn updated to version 3.5, lots of new options and tools

Photo-editing app Acorn has been updated to version 3.5, and with that update comes plenty of new features to check out. The Magic Wand tool has been updated with the ability to do contiguous or non-contiguous selections, you can now export just a single layer out of the app, there are some new...

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Outwitters, Super Knights and more get nice updates

There are a few new solid updates out to popular games on the App Store, and you should head into the App Store app and grab them as soon as you get a chance. First up, Outwitters has gotten a big update to hit version 1.1. The biggest change is a new item in the in-app store that allows you to...

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Microsoft releases Office 2011 Service Pack 1

Office 2011 version 14.1 (Service Pack 1) is now available from Microsoft's website. As announced on April 6, the update includes a variety of improvements to the new Outlook for Mac, including built-in support for Apple's Sync Services which allows users to more easily synchronize Outlook data wi...

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iPad 3.2.1 update released

On the heels of the iOS 4.0.1 update, the iPad software has been updated to version 3.2.1. The update notes: Improved Wi-Fi connectivity Fixed an issue that stops the copy/paste of single-page PDFs in Mail Addressed issues that causes video playback to freeze Improved reliability involv...

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Apple updates the iWork suite for iPad

iWork users rejoice! Apple is updating Pages, Numbers and Keynote for the iPad. A quick check at the app store or through iTunes should get you all sparkly and new. In Pages, one of the big fixes is that the tool and ruler and now available in Landscape view. That's a biggy because you had to be ...

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First Look: TUAW gives iPhone OS 3.1 the hands-on treatment

iPhone OS 3.1 made the scene today at the Apple event, with a number of new features and fixes that should make iPhone owners happy (and iPod touch owners -- although for them, the version number is 3.1.1 instead). After a slow start to the download, I was able to get the update loaded onto my iPhon...

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Pixelmator 1.5 Spider update out

The Pixelmator team has released another update to my favorite little photo editor. Pixelmator 1.5 Spider brings a host of web exporting and sharing options, including a new "Save for Web" feature and the option to send a picture straight to Mail or iPhoto. Additionally, there's a new Trim tool th...

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Bug-bashing Bento 2.0v5 is now available for download

FileMaker issued an update to their Mac database application Bento this morning. Bento 2.0v5 is a bug-fix release, with no new features added to the application. According to the download notes, Bento 2.0v5: Resolves an issue related to duplication of Address Book and iCal information when sy...

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AIM for Mac releases version 1.1

Does anyone still actually use AIM to sign in to their AIM account? I've found the AIM Express client useful occasionally when I happen to be on a strange computer (though nowadays I mostly use the AIM iPhone client when I'm AWOL), but on the desktop it's been Adium for longer than I can remember. S...

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iPod nano update released, adds support for new In-Ear headphones

If you have one of those small, multi-colored nano-chromatic iPod nanos, then you might be in for a surprise the next time you sync it with iTunes. That's because an update is waiting for you; the iPod nano (4th Generation) update 1.0.3 gives your musical friend the following new features/bug fixe...

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RapidWeaver 4.2 update kills bugs

Realmac Software has updated their easy Web site creation tool RapidWeaver to version 4.2 (not 2.2! Sorry). The new version is primarily a bug fix, but also adds a couple of new features. The bugs that were squashed include: An issue when undoing set/remove links Blog plugin confused image fil...

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Adium 1.3.1 released

It was just last week when our favorite multi-service instant messaging client was updated. Now Adium has been updated to 1.3.1. While there aren't any major new features in this version, some big bug fixes improves the application's usability. Here's some of the major bug fixes in this version: ...

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Growl updated to 1.1.4, fixes "Install Failed" message in Leopard

It was only a couple weeks ago that Growl version 1.1.3 was released, but as some commenters noted on the 1.1.3 post, there was a bug that caused some the inability to install Growl under Leopard. Well, the Growl team has heard your cries and issued an update to Growl that hopes to solve the problem...

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NYC Dept. of Education suspends Mac orders pending wireless issue fix

Apple Insider is reporting that the New York City Department of Education has put all shipments of Macs to schools on complete hold while they're apparently waiting for Apple to fix a Wifi connectivity issue with OS X (which should be fixed with the 10.5.3 update). And Apple is apparently scrambling...

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